The difference in between a an excellent custom and also a great one is quite merely in the details. Regardless of what form of construct you room going for, there is no the finer things like headlights and taillights it just looks unfinished.

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Today we are going to take it a watch at just how to detail your hot Wheels diecast cars and go v a few different techniques of how best to use said details. We’ll additionally touch summary on decals since they too kind part of the ‘finer details’ next of things.

As a distinct bonus ns have managed to get one that the most skilled Hot wheels Artists girlfriend are ever before likely to watch to re-superstructure a couple of tips the his own so don’t go everywhere because you are about to be educated and also massively inspired!

Detailing Diecast cars – What You’ll Need

I have two words for you: repaint PEN

When it pertains to the painting and detailing next of things even the best in the service turn come the trusty repaint pen. Not only does it give you the fine suggest needed for those fiddly painting parts, it also makes the procedure quicker and cleaner due to the fact that you are not cleaning pen every 5 minutes.

You will still should purchase a few bottles/tins the paint and also a super good brush (or 7) because

Even a paint pen can not reach some of the crevices uncovered on a warm Wheels casting. (The brush ns use has like 5 hair on it and also is stupidly fine.)The colour range available in paint pen format is both minimal and lifeless (comparative come the natural luster of acrylic paint)


Pictured above are the straightforward tools you will certainly need, including:

Superfine brushesAcrylic paints (I use Model understand brand Acrylic)the masking tape (I introduce 3M – don’t skimp top top the masking tape to trust me) andthe paint pens. (Posca Brand in my situation but any brand is suitable from my experience)

You will additionally need to have available the complying with items:


Some ‘helping hands’ (pictured above) to hold the auto when you are paint some that the tough to with places.

Keep in mind that I execute the mass of my detailing by holding the vehicle in mine hand or under on the table itself. I discover the helping hands to be much more a hindrance 보다 anything else and have just resorted to utilizing them when I have to paint and detail multiple surfaces at once. That’s simply me despite – possibly I’m simply retarded as soon as it involves using the helping hand so don’t take it my native – provide it a go very first because that is certainly a better way that doing that – the much less you touch your custom whilst functioning the better.

Speaking of touching, I constantly have disposable gloves on hand – try to to buy ones the don’t have actually all the flour inside together this tends to gain onto the outside of the gloves native time come time.

OK now that we have actually the tools of the trade all set let’s set about detailing our custom hot Wheels…

Detailing advice & Tricks


I have actually thought around how ideal to framework this guide so regarding cover every bases and I number the ideal thing to execute is just go through the process of detailing a diecast car and also just write down what i am thinking… I typical let’s be honest – because that the most component detailing a warm wheels is pretty right forward. You want red tail lights? repaint them red. I typical honestly.

So in order for this overview to actually include value ns am simply going to create down what ns do and include any and all related tips, tricks, hacks, and also general do’s and don’ts. Occupational for you? yes great….

How to detail Hot Wheels – tips & Tricks

Initial Detailing

So you’ve just stripped and also polished or repainted your tradition WIP and now it’ time to include details…


The C3-Pig-O above was in-depth with repaint pens only.

Always use gloves or a ‘Helping Hand’ (or both!) once painting and also detailing her custom. The paint is delicate and also not specifically impressed with your oily skin.I like to look in ~ detailing from the external in. The more it sticks out the previously it it s okay painted. This means you accurate zoom in – functioning your means down come the finer details as you goWhen paint finer details choose lines or even writing I host the vehicle in mine hand or remainder it ~ above the table (if ns am functioning on a top surface only)If the surface I am working on is the side, former or ago of the automobile then i do one of two things:1: I use the helping hand to certain the auto – making sure I have actually both the grips on the vehicle.2: I organize the car in mine hand and also just paint that method (I have a really steady hand and also lots of practice so recommend practicing this ~ above a crappy tradition first)Regardless of the an approach I employ, as soon as painting and detailing my custom I constantly prop mine hand up v a book or 2 so the I deserve to work v a wrist the is free to relocate without the stress of holding it’s own weight.When painting I constantly make certain my brush or repaint pen is pointing in an nearly straight under position, maneuvering the car roughly the pen as apposed to the other method around (which is an additional reason I choose to hold it)The factor you need to paint with the brush or pen angled under is because not just does it offer you a much more even circulation of paint, that also enables the paintbrush or repaint pen come get further into the crevice or area you room working on. That goes without saying that working this method also clears ALL tension from your wrist together it is not having actually to organize something in place horizontally. It’s straightforward physics infant :pI always start v the darkest color first. – The C3-Pig-O over for instance had the cabling painted by beginning with black, then including the bronze, then orange and also finally silver.Painting door and window sills?Adding a (generally silver) door and home window trim deserve to really collection a tradition off and make the difference in between meh and sah-weet. The easiest way to carry out this is to repaint (from the outside) at as much angle as you can control using a paint pen through a thicker tip (most silver repaint pens have actually larger diameter top on them and also work well for this job). By using the paint pen come the leading edge that the door and window sills girlfriend will get a constant thickness in the line appearing on the external of the car.

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The over pic is a an excellent example that why the black lines room effective. Not only does the look better (IMHO) – that also permits us to yes, really fine tune the headlight edge. Through this I typical we have the right to do it as soon as (as pictured) and then the black color outline allows us come fine track the silver edge – something ns am yet to go back and perform in this instance.


The over Alfa to be done in 20 minute to appease my 6 year old daughter and also is a good example the the squiggly lines ns was talking about. Increase close they kinda watch weird yet from a distance they watch the part beautifully