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- Sections- Terminology- straightforward Strategy- protect against Frustration- extr Tips- specific Level TipsTerminologyWeave: as soon as two currently of dual spaced adversaries go the opposite directions and also pass through eachother, then revolve around and also pass v eachother again. There have the right to be upright weaves (the easiest), horizontal weaves (difficult) and also a grid weave, which is when a horizontal and vertical weave and also together in the very same spot. Grid weaves need a most skill come master. Level 1 has actually a upright weave and also level 2 has a horizontal weave, and the very first grid weave shows up in level 11. Timer: When adversaries move ago and 4th (usually), and you need to leave just as they leave in bespeak to acquire to a particular location. Usually, you have actually a very little amount the extra time to get there. The very first timer formation is top top level 3, adhered to by level 6. Wheel: When enemies are in a cross or line, and they rotate. The first wheel is top top level 14. There is additionally something dubbed a damaged Wheel, i beg your pardon is a wheel that transforms direction ~ a transformation or half-revolution. The very first broken wheel is uncovered on level 32. Loop: once an opponent moves in 4 directions, making a square or rectangle. The very first loops are found on level 16. Staggered Loops are as soon as there space some loops relocating one direction, and also others moving a various direction, and you have to go indigenous loop to loop. The an initial staggered loops are uncovered on level 16 as well, but likewise on level 22. Belt: once two present of opponents move up and also down together, with one heat of open room between them. The player should go through the center of them, moving earlier and fourth or up and also down to prevent each heat of enemies. The an initial belt is discovered on level 23. Belts and also wheels deserve to be combined, favor on level 42. Basic Level: A level wherein there is an noticeable pattern, and also enemies move together in synchronization. This levels room the easiest because they are predictable. Rough Level: A level where there isn"t a sample in the enemies, or over there is a pattern but it take away a lengthy time to cycle through. Stormy levels space very complicated because every time you do them they space different, for this reason they are unpredictable and require improvisation. Runner: A level or large part that a level that have the right to be completed by just continuously going, without stopping; you just run to the end. Level 7 is a runner due to the fact that you just run to the bottom, then operation to the height again.Basic StrategyVertical WeavesAlong the facility of any type of weave, the opponents eventually form a line. You need to not be in the facility when the heat is formed, and the farther far from the facility you are, the much longer it takes for the enemies to with you. Constantly move along the an extremely top or very bottom the a upright weave. Clock level 8 because that an example. Horizontal WeavesWith a horizontal weave, you have to pop into one line and then pop earlier into the other line, moving approximately the enemy in the an initial line. Clock level 26 for an example. Grid WeavesGrid weave are really difficult. Basically, you must pay attention to two points at once; every weave in the grid. Shot to usage the horizontal weave strategy to acquire to a corner of the grid, yet at the same time usage the vertical weave strategy. Just make certain you stay about the perimeter of the grid. Also, you have the right to move diagonally one square (like in Checkers) every time the adversaries pass by and you won"t acquire hit, till you near the center. A great example that this is in level 37. TimersThere room usually two deciding determinants for timers; your beginning accuracy and also your turn speed. The an ext accurate your beginning (the closer you are to the opponent when starting), and the much better your rotate speed (when you turn around after acquiring a coin or something), the an ext likely you are to complete the timer. One tip for raising your revolve speed is to never hold two keys at once; press one an essential and then the next, otherwise there will certainly be a minute where friend aren"t moving at all. A good example of this is in level 6. WheelsWheels space usually not as well hard. Simply stay near the middle of the wheel, that means you don"t have to move as fast. If there are coins for you come collect close to the exterior of the wheel, pop the end to take the coin and then pop ago into the facility of the wheel. A great example the this is in level 14. LoopsDon"t shot and move in between the loops without moving every direction. At any point, there is constantly at least one direction you deserve to go various other that the direction of your target. Relocate to the direction of your target, then take a different direction. You deserve to repeat that until you gain to her target. If girlfriend are confronted with staggered loops, just circle the one loop till you view an opening for the following loop. BeltsBelts aren"t that difficult, just try to store a consistent interval for as soon as you move up and also down. Don"t rush up, wait, then slowly go down. You"ve acquired to go up, down, up, down, etc. A good example of this is in level 23. Over there is likewise an in-game tutorial the you can play in stimulate to improve your skills. Just press the Tutorial button on the key menu that The World"s Hardest video game 2 come play the tutorial. In the accuse you deserve to redo levels and also go back and shot previous levels, just open up the in-game menu.Avoid FrustrationFrustration is a large deciding element in The World"s Hardest game #1 and #2. For most beginners, an ext than 50% of your deaths are due to the fact that they are acquiring frustrated. Always try to calm yourself down as soon as you start to acquire frustrated, since if you obtain frustrated enough you"ll probably just quit. Either the or you end up with method more deaths 보다 you might have had. Points to avoid... - Cursing - speak something isn"t same or that there"s a an insect - Yelling - Banging your fists on the table - Saying that the video game is stupid or lame - Saying points like, "Whoever make this game doesn"t know... Etc." level that often tend to frustrate people... - Level 10 - Level 12 - Level 18 - Level 24 - Level 31 - Level 36 - Level 37 - Level 45 - Level 48 - Level 49 - Level 50 things to carry out to patience you down... - Muting the sound - taking a brief break - having a girlfriend or sibling there that will take turns v you - just trying not to get operated up in basic - Exercise me control and also patience and also constantly remind yourself not to acquire angryAdditional Tips- You can move twice as quick by relocating diagonally together opposed to relocating up or down and then come the side. Moving diagonally is absolutely something you desire to try to do at every times, specifically on timers and sometimes runners. - A the majority of levels have actually safe spots. Your beginning and ending checkpoints are constantly safe spots, and also there can also be for sure spots in ~ the human body of the level. Basically, you want to obtain from one for sure spot to the next, until you acquire to the last safe spot and move on. - Patience is vital (as claimed earlier). Some levels, choose level 27 just can"t be perfect quickly. Just wait for your opportunity, take it, and if you miss out on then simply calmly shot again. Slow and also steady wins the race. - always do a level the means you think it"s in reality possible. If friend don"t know just how a level could possibly be done, usage trial and also error, and if the doesn"t work, inspect out the video clip Walkthrough. - If you desire to to decrease your final amount of deaths as lot as possible, there room a few good means to practice. First, finish The World"s Hardest video game once or twice. Then, there is no worrying about how plenty of times friend die, finish The World"s Hardest game 2. ~ you have actually completed it and have practiced each level, then you deserve to start worrying about how many times you die. Offer the video Walkthrough a fast watch, and then begin playing again. Just restart if friend die very early on, there"s no suggest restarting if you got your very first death ~ above level 10; you"ll just obtain frustrated and die even much more in the long run. - her player color (changeable on the in-game menu) may impact your performance. On levels 1-29, having your player color set to blue will certainly make that harder for you since you will blend in more with the enemies. On levels 30-39, girlfriend player shade is not so important. On levels 40-49, you player color should no be red. ~ above level 50, absolutely don"t have your player color set to black. Details Level TipsLevel 1If you cannot endure the fast way, shot just going v the bottom and getting the bottom two coins, then going ago along the top, then earlier again come the finish. Level 5Your player is about the very same speed the every enemy, therefore don"t be fear to tailgate; you should be fine until the foe turns around. Level 7This level is a runner. Run to the bottom, get throughout to the various other side, climate run right to the top. Level 10This might be one of the hardest level in the game, since you have to do miscellaneous 4 times, that isn"t even easy law 1 time. Simply remember that every one of the adversaries are moving the very same speed, and also that over there is a pattern. Eventually the opponents will heat up, wait for that to happen and then make your move after they pass. Level 12Just look at for for sure spots and also move come them. Once you obtain to the best side that the level, relocate to a for sure spot a bit lower, and then you have to be fine simply to run to the end. Level 16This is an example of staggered loops. Just circle one loop until you watch an opening for the next. Level 19This is simply requires timing. Move to the optimal or bottom, and also then shot to go simply as it overcome you. Also, note that you can re-use the an initial checkpoint 3 times, after beating the bottom part and gaining the keys, touch the an initial checkpoint. Also touch the after beating the top part as well. Level 24This level is incredibly complicated if you shot to execute it without stopping. Just circle one wheel till you acquire to the an are between 2 wheels, then tuck you yourself in close to the stationary opponent until you feel ready to walk to the following wheel. Level 27This level bring away the longest time come beat than any type of other level. Simply wait in a for sure spot until you see a good opportunity to popular music out and grab a coin, or popular music out and run to an additional safe spot. Level 30This level is really easy due to the fact that it is a runner. Just run along the perimeter that the level, and circle the loop at every edge you get to. You shouldn"t obtain hit in ~ all the way. Level 35This is a really fast moving grid weave. Just try to move from square come square diagonally. Level 36Just walk from for sure spot to safe spot, and try not to rush at the start, due to the fact that you actually don"t have actually that much time to acquire to the first safe spot. Level 39This level is one that you simply need come go really fast and diagonal. When you watch the opportunity, you need to use the horizontal weave strategy to publication it up to the semi-safe spot close to the height that"s spanned by the vertical weave, then relocate along there to the finish of the semi-safe spot, and book the diagonally to the following semi-safe spot, etc. That is very daunting to execute right, so if friend cannot carry out it just examine out the video clip Walkthrough. Level 41Just watch it go through once, then try to relocate from open up area to open area, and also don"t forget to move back and fourth at the two corners. Level 43Just relocate along the edge, and always watch because that the foe parallel to you the is walk to move by every time you shot to popular music out. Most time you have the right to just wait for it to pass and also then pop out, but near the ends of the edge of the diamond it"s great to pop out before the foe sweeps by. Also, you have the right to treat the corners without checkpoints like any other corner, and just wait there until you must pop come the edge. Level 45When relocating from wheel to wheel, go inbetween the wheels near the top or bottom and jive earlier and 4th as the arms of the wheels pass by. ~ doing that once you should be able to go onto the next wheel, or you deserve to do the twice and give you yourself even an ext time to acquire there, due to the fact that the wheel still has to turn around. Level 47Just one one loop until you deserve to pop right into the next. Don"t shot to one loops that room squares - lock go too fast. Only try to circle loops that are rectangles, and also just run v square loops when you obtain the chance. Level 49This is a unstable level with a net weave v the vertical weave on triples and also the horizontal weave ~ above singles. It is really hard to time, yet you need to do that like any other weave. Stay along the edges. Also, the easiest way to win the level is to go from the bottom left to the bottom right, then back to the bottom left, up to the top left, and also finish in ~ the peak right. Level 50This level is a straightforward level through a continuous wheel and a huge vertical weave and a tiny vertical weave. Simply wait in the small vertical weave until the large vertical weave is inside wall up in the center, then pop out just as it passes and also circle the wheel if grabbing the coins. You also have come mind the huge vertical weave when doing this.

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When you have all the coins (it is ideal to obtain them every in the very first revolution), shot to pop the end to the optimal of the little weave in ~ the end, and then simply go to the finish. This is every very complicated to do.That would be all.hope this help you all.PEACE!!