Want to take her favorite Spotify music on the go v the portable and also lightweight Eclipse right Clip add to MP3 player, yet only to discover that this MP3 player only accept the digital music copy favor MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE. And your streamed Spotify music to be rejected once you effort to deliver them come Eclipse fit Clip MP3 Player.

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So what you can do to properly put Spotify music come this hands-free MP3 an equipment which is perfect for every kinds the sports and daily fitness?

The price is lifwynnfoundation.org Music Converter, a powerful and specialized lifwynnfoundation.org Music Converter that permits you losslessly download songs, playlists or podcasts native Spotify as digital music copy prefer MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV or AIFF. Then you can transfer downloaded Spotify music to your Eclipse fit Clip plus MP3 Player effortlessly.


Why lifwynnfoundation.org Music Converter Is Needed? Download Spotify music, playlist and podcast come MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC or AIFF; keep 100% original sound high quality after conversion; Retain every ID3 tags and metadata like title, artwork, artist, album, track number, cover and also more; One-click to burn Spotify music to CD or re-superstructure via Email; very compatible with latest Windows, macOS and also Spotify.

Now, let’s come to the thorough tutorial on exactly how to download Spotify music together MP3 and also transfer them come Eclipse fit Clip to add MP3 Player.

Part 1: Download Spotify Music together MP3 with lifwynnfoundation.org Program

Step 1Run lifwynnfoundation.org Music Converter

Install lifwynnfoundation.org Music Converter on computer, climate launch lifwynnfoundation.org program. Spotify app additionally will be released on the lift automatically.


Step 2Add Spotify Music

Click "+" icon at the top left corner of lifwynnfoundation.org main interface or "Click here to add Audio", then a brand-new adding home window will be shown. You have the right to go to Spotify and find the monitor or playlist you want to download, climate click "Share" and also select "Copy track Link" to copy Spotify track or playlist connect to clipboard. Or you deserve to drag & autumn a track or playlist from Spotify come the adding home window directly.


Step 3Choose MP3 together the calculation Format

Click ~ above the "Settings" button at the upper right corner and also a new pop-up window will be presented indicating you select the calculation format, switch mode, output quality and output path. Here you can select MP3, FLAC, WAV or AIFF together the output format for totally compatible through Eclipse fit Clip Plus, and choose output high quality as 320 kbps.

Step 4Start Downloading

Now you can click on "CONVERT" switch to start downloading and install song or playlist indigenous Spotify.

After the downloading procedure completed, you deserve to click "Converted" switch to discover the fine download Spotify song or playlist native directory.

Step 1Connect Eclipse fit Clip to add to computer or Mac via USB cable.

Step 2Go to the My computer system (or This pc on home windows 10) section of your computer and also you will find a section called tools with Removable Storage.

Step 3Double-click to open up the drive and also locate the music folder which saved the fine downloaded Spotify music, climate you can copy and also paste this music folder to her player.

With lifwynnfoundation.org Music Converter, girlfriend can easily transfer her favorite Spotify music to Eclipse to the right Clip Plus and also other much more MP3 players. Just store your Spotify music come this small player and also keep her listening top top the go.

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Note: The trial version of lifwynnfoundation.org Music Converter enables us to transform the first three minutes because that each audio file, you can unlock the moment limitation by purchase the full version.

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