Recording well under gameplay and sharing to YouTube and also Twitch have actually been the famous methods amongst game players. Moreover, many people make money through posting gameplays. Though PlayStation4 and also Xbox one have the right to record gameplay there is no buying anything, Xbox 360 gameplay still need 3rd recoding editor come record and edit. If you room requiring high 360-gameplay quality, you can buy catch cards to document Xbox 360 gameplay with PC. However, the price between USB and also PCI capture cards space $10 come $200. But do no worry about that, there room still techniques to document Xbox 360 gameplay without buying anything.

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Part 1. Obtain Game Capture machine to document Xbox 360 in High Resolution

If you want to be skilled game player, using video game capture machine can output HD videos in detail. Recording document Xbox 360 gameplay with record card have the right to rediscover viewers to play the Xbox together they really do. Moreover, utilizing PCI catch card can lug out much better video quality and faster operating speed than USB capture card. The is true that PCI record charges higher than USB ones.


◆ You need to prepare the following objects. Xbox 360, one HDMI splitter, 3 HDMI cables, TV or other screen devices, game record device, network connection.

◆ attach your digital tools one by one in order. (Connect your Xbox 360 HDMI cable come the "In" harbor of the document device, and also then attach the "Out" harbor of your record device with the screen devices, prefer TV, laptop and etc.)

◆ select Photo Gallery and also Movie an equipment and then set your record resolution. Girlfriend should take into consideration the tape-recorded Xbox 360 gameplay resolution limitation.

◆ Play your Xbox 360 as usual. Edit with video editors come trim and also merge great Xbox 360 gameplay.

The capture devices have more selections. Because that instance, using HD v USB 3.0 cable can additionally record Xbox 360 gameplay with USB, laptop or TV in high resolution.

Part 2. Use Webcam or Camcorder to record Xbox 360

For plenty of people, recording Xbox 360 gameplay without capture card might be far better choice. V the factor of high cost and comparable video resolution, there room other means to shooting gameplay as videos without blurry. Though customers can gain HD Xbox 360 gameplay, it is not world really want, who watch gameplays indigenous masters. ~ all, gameplay is no the movie, which set the user comfort suffer as the first place.


◆ install AndroVid on your recording devices. For instance, that is a quite idea to record Xbox 360 gameplay with Android phone.

◆ Click Garb icon to start shooting her Xbox 360 exorbitant processes.

◆ madness Trim after ~ you complete recording, adjust the structure to fit your display screen finally.

◆ add music, Merge, Reverse, Convert, add effects and also apply other video editing filters. Output videotaped Xbox 360 gameplay

You can use AndroVid ~ above Android and also then shoot with AndroVid too. The is a method to document Xbox 360 gameplay with phone in free way. The just disadvantage that AndroVid is the you cannot remove ads during Xbox 360 gameplay recordation.

Part 3. Record Xbox 360 Gameplay through Windows 10

If you room Windows 10 users, climate you can get one more an approach by Xbox app. The new Windows 10 video game DVR duty allow customers to document Xbox 360 gameplay with computer in free way too. Thus, you can record Xbox 360 gameplay procedure in high resolution in one degree. Moreover, girlfriend can edit recorded Xbox 360 gameplay through laptop with video clip effects after outputting too.


◆ log in in your Microsoft account, and also then discover Xbox application from begin menu.

◆ pick Game DVR from Settings, turn it on to permit Xbox 360 gameplay recording. ◆ open the games installed on the desktop. When you see the dialog, i m sorry asks whether to open up or not, push Widows and also G come start.

◆ Click the Red Circle symbol to start record or push Windows, Alt and R to replace.

◆ insanity the Red Square symbol to finish, or you can press Windows, Alt and also R when more.

You have the right to go come Xbox application to view and edit. For someone who simply needs to document en epos within 30 seconds, over there is one more interesting feature. Press Windows, Alt and also PrtScn together to get screenshots any type of time girlfriend want. That is the totality process.

Part 4. Try Screen capture Software to Share Xbox 360 Gameplay

Snagit is the screen record software, which deserve to work not just on desktop, but additionally on iPhone and Android. You can grab the video clip size area through one click, in horizontal or vertical. It is an extremely easy to record Xbox 360 gameplay v Snagit. Moreover, friend can catch any video moment, the totality Windows or an ar by a single hotkey.


◆ install Snagit on home windows or Mac together your OS differs.

◆ Click the start icon and then document Xbox 360 gameplay with Snagit directly.

◆ You can highlight, add texts and also use various other tutorial filters to process your Xbox 360 videos.

◆ revolve the component of recorded Xbox 360 gameplay on computer or Mac into animated GIF to have fun.

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The panoramic capture feature permits users to take individual catches by merger them together. In addition, the high-resolution output allows user to enlarge photos or videos there is no blurry.

Part 5. Obtain Smart phone Xbox 360 Gameplay Recordation because that Free

After understanding recordation top top Mac and also Windows computer, it is additionally necessary to manage record Xbox 360 gameplay app on iPhone and Android. In ~ present, you do not need to install screen capture software on mobile phone. Both Android and also iPhone, iPad have different solutions.

If you have actually updated Google play Games application before, things will be much easier of Xbox 360 gameplay recordation, or you can update right now, that does not matter. Search your target from Google Play and also download it. Walk to mounted menu come tap the video game to install. When you open up your game, you deserve to see the red circle symbol beside the start option. Click the to choose Quality settings. After you are done recording games, you deserve to share recorded gameplay through Android call to society platform.

As for iOS users, Apple developer have produced ReplayKit gameplay recording app. However, numerous game developers have combined recording into games directly. Thus, iOS 9 or later users can pick whether to conserve "Record display & Microphone" or "Record display Only". Or you can affix your mobile call to computer systems to record gameplay v iPhone and iPad.