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You can produce up come 100 distinct customized stations utilizing the Pandora music service. Stations work-related like radio stations curated to your tastes. While this enables you to listen to essentially any type of music you like, it can likewise be overwhelming.

exactly how to remove Stations indigenous Pandora online

When you room logged in to her Pandora account on the web, girlfriend can easily get rid that stations the no much longer interest you.


Hover the cursor end the terminal you want to delete, but do not pick it. A Play arrow and a More button, i m sorry looks favor an ellipsis (...), appears over the album cover.




just how to Delete station on Pandora ~ above iOS or Android

You have the right to remove stations straight from the Pandora application on your mobile device.

If you room a Pandora Premium account holder, kind your stations to do it much easier to discover the ones you want to delete.


What to execute if a terminal Reappears digital

If you turned off a station, however it shows up when you access Pandora top top the web, inspect the bookmark you use to access the site. If anything other than appears, eliminate it and also update the bookmark. When you reload the page, the terminal you deleted must be gone.

exactly how to Recreate a station You turned off

You deserve to bring ago a terminal you deleted by producing a brand-new station from the very same song or artist girlfriend originally offered to do the station. This brings ago the exact station you an initial created, including any thumb ratings you added.

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If friend weren't happy with the station you originally created and want to begin fresh through a brand-new one, produce a new station v a different song by the very same artist.