Fuse box plays a vital role in-car access. It helps to organize car fuses and easily protect all the electrical circuits. The circuits include stereo, signal lights, engine, windscreen wipers, etc. it also protects them from short circuit or overload. If you see the gadget of your car stop working, it is time to change your fuses. For this, you need to know some basic things and some standard tools.

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Fuse boxes are located in two places, under the hood in the engine bay and the dash. You can also call it a fuse panel. Also, a burned-out fuse can cause many problems if you keep it for a long time. If you have a trouble finding the fuse panel’s exact location, you can follow the user manual. In this article, I will show you how to remove the fuse box under the hood.


Step 10: Starting the CarEngine

Start the vehicles and test the miscellaneous systems if it is working correctly. Check the fuses one by one for better understand.

Remove Wires from a Fuse Box

For removing wires from a fuse box, you need to organize all the things properly. After completely assembles a fuse box, remember the pin position so that you can separate the crossed wires properly.

If you take a closer look at your fuse box, you will see it has two halves, and the locking features separate those two pieces so that you can replace half of it. So let’s start untangling the wires.

The first thing you have to do is separate the halves because it will prevent damaging the fuse box. Take a more massive pick and go to the groove that separates those two fuse box halves. Force and slide them apart.Swap the damage section, and your job will be done in thirty minutes. Break it down and replace one half at a time. There are other pieces to a fuse box assembly, such as the lower cover and upper cover. You can easily snap into this in a place and pop up quickly. Also, they have thumb holes to hold it with your thumb to release the liver from the fuse box.Now took the covers off gluten the tap cover and go to the relay section. Grab the fuel pump relay, pop it out then expose the terminals from the front face. There is a variety of locking tabs in the fuse box, and you have to remove them.
After removing them, extract the terminals and pick a screwdriver. Pick a wire and twist it around with your forefinger and give a little bit of pressure. Now go inside the fuse box, lift the locking tab then extract the terminal.Check out the box power supply to make everything safe. Also, check the fuse functions and other safety issues.After extracting, reinstall it into the replacement assembly so you will not forget the pin position.Please put them in the same position so you can pull one wire out and replace it in the same spot. Keeping the configuration in the same place can be tricky, so when you extract the fuse box power section, peel the wires back and expose the shiny metal open, you it will be visible. It is also called a bush bar.

Last Few Words

When you are swapping the fuse box power section, make sure the bus bar is in the same position. Check out the box power supply and the safety of that.

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If you learn those mentioned steps correctly, you do not have to hire professionals to remove the fuse box, and it will save your money.

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