The SRS irradiate may suggest a trouble with a sensor in the steering wheel, seat, or onboard computer. But even if you uncover the reason for the problem, the irradiate does no reset itself. Learn just how to perform so here.

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This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002) and also Honda Civic/Del solar (1992-2000).

The an additional restraint system, or SRS, is a safety device in your Honda the controls the airbags, among other things. You would certainly imagine that when the SRS light comes on, that it would certainly be a large deal and need to be viewed immediately. That"s partially true; however, having actually the SRS light come on throughout Honda ownership is virtually an intended thing. Having actually the SRS light come ~ above is so usual that the initial owner"s hands-on actually gives a briefing on just how to reset it. To perform so, you will be "shorting" the system in order to reset the light.


Step 1 – find the MES

Locate the MES (Memory Erase Signal) connector. The is listed below the dashboard top top the driver’s side of the auto plugged into a panel (there is no electrical connection).

Figure 1. MES ar under the dash.

Step 2 – quick the MES

In this step, you will internally make the connection in the plug come “short” it. Through the engine ignition off, affix both sides of the plug through a shorting wire, such as an SCS business connector, one insulated piece of wire, or a paper clip.


Figure 2. MES connector with "short" wire.

Step 3 – bicycle the ignition

With this link made, turn the ignition vital to the "on" place (do not begin the engine). The SRS will illuminate for two seconds, then revolve off. Once the light transforms off, disconnect the shorting cable to un-short the circuit.The SRS light will turn on again. When it does, reconnect the shorting wire. The SRS light will turn off. Disconnect the shorting wire. The SRS light will certainly blink twice indicating the SRS system and the light room reset.

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Pro Tip

If this procedure is complied with correctly and the light continues to be on, then there may be one actual worry with the SRS system. In this case, that is recommend to bring the auto to the dealership, where the trouble code can be identified and the concern repaired.