A collection of beneficial phrases in Kurmanji Kurdish, i beg your pardon is spoken in Turkey, Syria, and also northern components of the Kurdish-speaking areas of Iraq and also Iran.

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Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, sg = singular (said come one person), pl = plural (said to an ext than one person).

EnglishKurmancî (Kurmanji / north Kurdish)
Welcome Tu be xér hatî ye! (sg) Hun be xér hatî ye! (pl)
Hello (General greeting) Rojbash (frm) - Good day Ser chava ser sera (inf) Silav
How room you? Tu chawa ye? (frm/sg) Chawa ye? (inf/sg) Hun chawa nin? (frm/pl) Hun chawa ye? (inf/pl)
Reply come 'How space you?' Ez bashem spas (I'm fine thanks)
Long time no see Mi(n) car zood nedîtî ye!
What's your name? Navé dare chî ye? (frm/sg) Navé we chî ye? (frm/pl)
My name is ... Navé mi(n) ... E
Where are you from? Tu jè kî dere ye (yî)? (frm) Tu jè ku ye (yî)? (inf)
I'm from ... Ez jè ... Me
Pleased to fulfill you Ez kefxwesh bûm!
Good morning (Morning greeting) Beyanîbash (sg) Spéde bi xer (sg) Sibaha car bi xér (sg) Beyanîbash (pl) Spede bi xer (pl) Sibaa us bi xer (pl)
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Rojbash
Good evening (Evening greeting) Evarbash, evara dare bi xér (sg) Evarbash, evara us bi xér (pl)
Good night Shevabash Sheva te bi xér (sg) Sheva us bi xér it is in (pl)
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Bi xateré car (sg) Bi xateré we (pl) Ogher be / Oxir it is in (response) Oghra car a xéré it is in (reply) Bi xér o slametî (reply)
Good luck! Serkeften (be)! (frm) Serkeftin be! (frm)
Cheers! great Health! (Toasts offered when drinking) Noshî have the right to be! (frm) Nosh be! (frm) Nosh! (frm)
Have a pretty day Roja car xwesh be! (sg)
Bon appetit / have a pretty meal Noshî deserve to be!
Bon trip / have a good journey Rêwîtîya car baş be! (frm) Rewîtîa dare xwesh be (frm)
Do girlfriend understand? Tu têdigihijî?
I understand Ez fem dikem (frm)
I don't understand Ez fam nakim (frm) Ez fam nakem (frm)
Yes Balé (frm) Belé (frm) Eré (frm) Aré (frm)
No Na
Maybe Belkî (frm) Begî (frm)
Please speak more slowly Tu kari hedî bivéje (frm) Tu kare Hedî bibéje Hedî bivejé Jè kerema xwe hédî bibéje: Jèkerema xwe hedî bivejé
Please say that again Dîsa bibéje, Jè kerema xwe dîsa bibéje Dîsa bivéje, Jè kerema xwe dîsa bivéje
Please compose it down Jè kerema xwe binivîsîne (frm) Tu kari jè kerema xwe veya binivîsîne (frm) Tu kari véya binivîsîne (frm) Ev binivîsîne, (inf)
Do you speak Kurmanji? Tu kurmanjî dèpeyvé? (frm) Tu kumnajî zané?(frm) Tu kumanjî dizané? (frm) Tu kurdî zanî? (inf) Kurmajî zanî? (inf)
Yes, a little(reply come 'Do girlfriend speak ...?') Eré/balé, ez pichék(î) kurmanjî dipeyvem (frm) Eré/balé, ez pichikek kurmanjî depeyvem (frm) Eré/balé, ez hinekî kurmanjî dipeyvem (frm) Balé/eré, hinekî Balé/eré pichek Balé/eré pichukek
How execute you speak ... In Kurmanji? Em chawa ... Bi kurmanjî dibéje? (frm) Em chawa dibéje ... Bi kurmajî? (frm) Tu chawa dibéje ... Bi Kurmanjî? (frm) Tu chawa bi kurmanjî dibéje ...? (frm) Chawa em ... Bi kumanjî bibéjin? Chawa em ... Bi kurmanjî dibejèn?
Excuse me Mi(n) Biburîne (frm) Mi(n) bibore Mi(n) affu bicycle Af bike(frm)
How much is this? Chiqas e? Chuqas e? Ev chiqas e? Ev chuqas e?
Sorry Bibure (frm) Mi(n) affu bicycle Mi(n) bi borîne Bi bexshe(frm)
Please Jè kerema xwe!
Thank you Spas (frm) Gelek spas (frm) Zor spas (frm) Spas dikem (frm) Mala car avabe (frm)
Reply to thank you Spas xwesh (frm) Ser chava (frm) Tishtek nabe (frm) Tishtek pé nay e! (frm)
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Tualet li ku ye? Tualet lè kuy e? Banyo lè kuy e? Tualet lè kî deré ye? (frm) Hemam lè kiwe ye? Hemam lè kî deré e (frm)
This gentleman will pay for everything Ev camera éwé pere hertishtî bide (frm) Ev jamèra éwé pere hertishtî bide (frm)
This lady will certainly pay for everything Ev xanéma éwé pere hertishtî bide (frm) Ev janèka éwé pere hertishtî bide (frm)
Would you choose to dance through me? Tu dixwazé bi mi(n) re bazde? Tu dixwazé bi mi(n) re bireqs e?
I miss you Ez berya dare dikèm (frm)
I love you Ez te hez dikèm (frm)
Get fine soon Xode shifa xere bishîne (frm) Xode slametye bide (frm) Derbasbun it is in (frm)
Leave me alone! Dev jè mi berde! Dev jè min berde!
Help! Hawar! (frm) Alîkarî bike! (frm)
Fire! Agèr ! (frm) Agir ! (frm)
Stop! Bisekène! (frm) Bisekine! (frm)
Call the police! Telefonî polisa bike! (frm)
Christmas greetings Noela us o ser sala we pîroz be! (pl) Noel o ser sal piroz be! Noel o ser sala car pîroz be (sg) Cejna us Noel o ser sala we pîroz be! Cejna we Noel û ser salê we pîroz be!
Easter greetings Eshtéra car pîroz be! (sg) Eshtéra us pîroz be! (pl)
Birthday greetings Rojbuna car pîroz be!
One language is never ever enough Zimanek hîch ne bes e Zimanek tené ne bes e Yek ziman ne bes e
My hovercraft is complete of eels Hoverkrafta mi(n) tijé marmasî e

Corrections and enhancements by Brandon Istenes, and also Seyit Sakin of the Kurmanjî national Council

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