Learning come Speak like The Amish

Since we have actually a little much more time on our hands, we believed it would be fun to find out a few Pennsylvania dutch words. Every day us will article a new PA dutch word of the day! Scroll down to watch our complete list.

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Pennsylvania dutch is the language supplied by the Amish population here in Lancaster County. The is taken into consideration to be their an initial and indigenous language. The Amish learn to read, write and speak in English, allowing them to interact with the ‘outside world’. This language is also spoken by Amish that live anywhere the USA and in Canada. Also though each neighborhood speaks it differently, lock all understand each other.

Pennsylvania netherlands is a language the you will hear mentioned while at The Amish Farm and House. If you want to learn an ext about the language and Amish life, us offer countless tour options. This tours are fun for the totality family, and will aid you learn around Amish life. See our tour choices today.

Important: PA netherlands is a spoken language with very few grammar rules. We developed this list of words with aid from our Amish friends. We have actually tried our finest to carry out you with phonetic spelling once possible. 

Written on 5/2020

Today’s PA netherlands word of the day:

“Himmelfaahrt= Ascension Day”

pronouced “him-mel-fault”

This holiday drops 40 job after Easter Sunday to commemorate Jesus’ physical ascension to heaven. While every Amish community celebrates now differently, the Amish in Lancaster take the day off work and also spend time v family. This holiday is seen as a job of rest. For an Amish family, acquisition time come rest can look favor Amish women putting away the sewing machines and also families fishing in the creek. Does her church storage Ascension Day?


“Oschderoi”= Easter egg

Many Amish kids will paint Easter eggs and also have one Easter egg hunt approximately the house. Exactly how fun! Eggs will certainly be consumed at the Easter table today, together they represent rebirth.

What space you having actually for Easter dinner? Happy Easter!


“Frieyaahr”= spring

“Nau iss es Fieyaahr.”= currently it is spring.

Pronounce this word favor “free-yawr”. In PA netherlands the double a provides an “aw” sound.

This is a compound word, “frie” method ‘early’ and “yaahr” way ‘year’.

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We desire to know, where perform you contact home? Leave united state a comment. Greetings to anyone from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA!


Yummy!“Pannhaas” = scrapple

Who would love a big slice the scrapple right about now? for those that don’t know, scrapple is a timeless PA dutch food. It is make from leftover scraps the meat. Butchers started making scrapple to prevent food waste. Scrapple is served in different ways everywhere, however most choose to eat it pan-fried and also with eggs for breakfast. Just how do you eat scrapple?

Fun fact: The straight translation the this indigenous is “pan rabbit”. ‘Pann’= pan and also ‘haas’= rabbit.