If you room visiting this amazing nation in the West Balkans you will probably uncover these straightforward Albanian phrases useful.

In Albania, as well as in the remainder of the Balkan countries, speaking English outside of the touristic point out is rare, so that is always great to understand some basics the the regional language.

These 100 Most simple Albanian Phrases will make your trip to Albania easier


Basic Albanian phrases for greetings

Hello = TungHow are you? = Si jeni?I’m fine = Un jam mirI’m no well = Nuk jam mirI come from (America) = Un jam nga AmerikaWhat nation are friend from? = Nga cili shtet jeni Thank you = FaleminderitSorry = Me falNo problem = Ska problemGoodbye = tung/caoCan girlfriend speak English? = A din me fol anglisht What is her name? = Si e ke emrinMy surname is John = Emri ns eshte John

Basic Albanian phrases for addressing people

I = UnëI am = Unë jamYou = TiYou are = Ti jeHe/She/They = Ai, Ajo, Ata/AtoHe is/She is/They are = Ai është, Ajo është, Ata/Ato janë Female/Male (junior) = Ata/Ato janë Female/Male (senior) = Juve jeni

Basic Albanian phrases for directions (taxis, buses, airport, etc.)

Speak slowly = Fol ma ngadaleDo you usage the taxi meter? = A keni taxi-meter adjacent = Blisku – afërGo straight = Vazhdo drejtTake/Go left = Vazhdo në të majtGo right = Vazhdo në të djathtStop = Ndalo(stop)To the airport please = Deri ne aeroport ju lutem Station = StacionBus stop = Stacion i AutobusaveBus = AutobusTrain = TrenAirplane = AeroplanMinibus = MinibusCar = Vetura(kerr)Bicycle = BicikletMotorcycle = Motociklet(motor)Boat = Barka

Basic Albanian phrases for shopping

How much? = Sa kushton KjoVery expensive = Shumë shtrejtCan you alleviate the price? = A mundet lirim? I want this one = Kët pe du

Basic Albanian numbers

1 = Një2 = Duy3 = Tre4 = Kater 5 =Pes6 = Gjasht7 = Shtat8 = Tetë9 = Nënt10 = Dhjet20 = Njëzet21 = Njëzet e një 22 = Njëzet e një30 = Tridhjet31 = Tridhjet e një 40 = Katerdhjet50 = Pesëdhjet60 = Gjashtedhjet70 = Shtatedhjet 80 = Tetedhjet90 = Nentedhjet100 = njëqind500 = peseqind1,000 = njemije

Basic Albanian phrases for restaurants or cafes

Restaurant = RestorantCafé = Kafe Bar (kafic)Excuse me = Më FalniBathroom = Toalet/WCWhat is this? = çhka ëshë kjo?Hungry = i uriturMay I have the menu = A mundet Meny Vegetarian = VegjetarianVegan = VeganWater = UjBeer = BirrChicken = PulRice = OrizCold = E ftohtHot = E NxetPlease no ice = Ju lutem pa Akull No sugar = Pa sheqer1 more please = Edhe një ju lutem I favor spicy = A mundet djegsNot spicy = Pa djegs/Jo djegs

Basic phrases for an emergency

Hurts = DhemTooth = DhambDentist = Stomatolog/DentistiWhere is the police station? = Ku është stacioni PolicorWhere is the hospital? = Ku ushte spitaliCall an ambulance = Thirrne ndihmen e shpejtI’m lost = Kam humburCan girlfriend help = A mund dare me ndihmoni

Phrases because that a night out

Would you choose a drink = A don me pi dickaI’m drunk = jam i pire Cheers = GëzuarLearn an ext phrases indigenous the Balkan languages: