I\"m hearne to some dialogues in lifwynnfoundation.org and also I compose them down.I should write down sound the laughter in sentence (speech) choose in English for example

Ha ha

What I require should have actually notion the laughing at someone. Is it just simple


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That is fine. Choices are:

クスクス \"silently laughing while making fun of someone\" ウフフ \"smiling rather silently and also often happily\" エヘヘ \"smiling because of gift ashamed\" デへへ \"smiling through a slim implication the 変態-ness\" アハハ, ワハハ, ワッハッハ \"giggling\" ガハハ \"giggling the end loud or a fat human giggling\" ゲラゲラ \"giggling continuously\"

A well known ambiguous sentence when written in hiragana, showing the importance of having actually hiragana, katakana, and also kanji:

ははははははとわらった。 translate 1: 母はハハハと笑った。 interpretation 2: ハハハハハハと笑った。

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Someone discussed to me that every one of the \"H\" group sounds (is there a surname for them?) are laughing sounds. I forgot what the nuances were, however I\"ll describe this Pera Pera Penguin\"s 5-minute lifwynnfoundation.org class by Hitomi Hirayama.

はははは - normal laugh ひひひひひ - conniving laugh ふふふふふ - creepy laugh; feminine laugh へへへへへ - shy laugh ほほほほほ - feminine laughter

Prefixing an the appropriate vowel transforms the meaning:

あはははは - conniving laugh いひひひひひ - feminine laughter うふふふふふ - creepy laugh; feminine laugh えへへへへへ - regular laugh おほほほほほ - embarrassed laugh; shy laugh


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