To speak one-hundred, two-hundred etc. Through nine-hundred it’s pretty easy: simply say the number 1-9 then include the indigenous “cent” because that hundred. Because that the thousands the pretty an easy too. All you have to do is to speak the number then include the human being “mille” because that thousand. Here I additionally teach just how to say a million (un million) and also a billion (un millard).

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cent one-hundred (100) deux-cent two-hundred (200)
trois-cent three-hundred (300) quatre-cent four-hundred (300)
cinq-cent five-hundred (500) six-cent six-hundred (600)
sept-cent seven-hundred (700) huit-cent eight-hundred (800)
mille one-thousand (1,000) deux-mille two-thousand (2,000)
trois-mille three-thousand (3,000) quatre-mille four-thousand (4,000)
cinq-mille five-thousand (5,000) six-mille six-thousand (6,000)
sept-mille seven-thousand (7,000) huit-mille eight-thousand (8,000)
neuf-mille nine-thousand (9,000) dix-mille ten-thousand (10,000)
un million one-million (1,000,0000) un millard one-billion (1,000,000,000)

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