He walks up to her, traction a chair, yet doesn’t want to speak the usual Guten Tag! since he desires to admire her.

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He then stretches his hand, says something and Julia smiles.

But what does he say?


In Germany, a simple greeting can gain someone quite excited, depending upon how that said.

You don’t need to stick to the overused, practically cliché words that every newbie knows.

Instead, crank it up through these quite slick ways that will make friend look cool and interesting.

Let’s go …

The most common form is: Guten Morgen!

This form of greeting is really common and you can use the casually with your friend or even in an official ar like greeting your boss.

When you are greeted, girlfriend should likewise greet back, together it is thought about rude no to respond.

Remember, Germans are really courteous and you perform want to come off as rude.

So once someone viewpoints you and also says, Guten Morgen!, you should likewise say Guten Morgen!

But be careful not to usage it after 12 pm – just late risers usage it then. By the way, carry out you knowhow come tell time in German? If not, then check yout this link.

Good morning in various regions that Germany

Learn much more about theGerman states and also capitals here or scroll down and learn exactly how to say great morning in various regions of Germany.


Grüß Gott

This expression is used greatly in southern Germany especially Bayern (Bavaria).

You can also say Grüß dich to stir up the vibe!


In north Germany top top the various other hand, girlfriend will often hear people use words Moin, i m sorry doesn’t just mean ‘good morning’ but can be used at any time the the job or night.

In Hamburg and also Bremen, people likewise like to usage the twin form Moin-Moin, which works an extremely well with people you have a close connection with.

Think the it choose the English ‘yeah-yeah’.

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This phrase is likewise from nothern Germany, only a little informal. Usage it only with near friends!


Another friendly way to greet someone is to say Servus to them, i m sorry basically method ‘at your service.’ While it its most typical in Bavaria and also Austria, other places you can hear it include:

Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) Hessen (Hesse) Baden-Württemberg Saarland Thüringen (Thuringia)


In Berlin, whereby I come from, we often say Mojen in the morning and also Tach during the day.

While the word is in chin a greeting, it’s a direct comparison come the English short form of ‘Morning’ instead of ‘Good Morning.’