I have the right to see the friend Lists the two various other users who aren"t friends: contact them A and B. How have the right to you watch all mutual friends between A and B, rather of cross-referencing yourself inefficiently?

This solution fails.I don"t know this various other recommendation quoted beneath: what ought be on https://searchisback.com/? the doesn"t permit me input A or B"s names.

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Use https://searchisback.com/.

It will generate a search query that looks favor this:https://www.facebook.com/search/ID1/friends/ID2/friends/intersect/where ID1 and also ID2 room the on facebook IDs of the queried users.



Follow this straightforward technique:

Find profile ID the B - to speak it is Profile_B

Go come FB profile of A - to speak URL because that which is facebook.com/profile_A

Append URL with complying with text ?and=Profile_B. The last URL looks like facebook.com/profile_A?and=Profile_B

It would be ultimately redirected as https://www.facebook.com/friendship/Profile_A/Profile_B

You should be an excellent with sufficient information.



Promising but at this time not functioning solutionSocial Graph deserve to be a way to execute this. However, at the minute of writing (2019), on facebook refuses to permit logging in because it is outdated. I have actually emailed the author around this.

Other defunct services: Nexus girlfriend grapher, TouchGraph


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