Does anyone know the best, and also least expensive, method to letter a package native the U.S. Come a residence in Mexico City? Is it best to ship items in a crate or in a e-mail envelope? Is over there a load limit?

When I offered to ship packages indigenous the us to family in Colombia, I could only send 4 pounds or less, otherwise the package ended up in customs and also the recipient would certainly not get the package.

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It will obtain stuck in Customs and also it is very likely the recipient will be asked to pay tax on it.

It walk not issue if you usage super cheap floor UPS or Fed Ex or DHL. Ns bought 7 Virgin the the Guadalupe calendars because that 2017 native in the USA - they room in Spanish and also are published in Indonesia and were transport from the united state - I had actually to pay $1700 MN in taxes i beg your pardon surprised me for published matter. Clothing is a larger nightmare. Questioning a friend heading this means to take it it because that you.

Use UPS, fedex, DHL. Of course the package content needs to justification costs. A priority letter USPS acquisition I made on e-bay native Los Angeles take it 2 weeks. Constant mail - don´t carry out it. Ebay just sent me other - they have a partnership with Estafeta currently for packages USA to Mexico, might want come google them.

I stayed in Mexico for 3 years, received around 30% the the packages sent to me and I had actually to pay customizeds on some that arrived. Ns told friends and also family no to worry around shipping me experience, with a selection of shippers including all pointed out was inconsistent in ~ best.

I delivery to Mexico routinely for a business.

A polo shirts in one envelope come Mex City from Ohio.....$22 and also 35 days.

If you uncover a paqueteria that takes situations down come Mexico, it will be lot faster and MUCH cheaper. I sent a 120 lb box complete to the brim through stuff because that $250, and also it come in 9 days. Look around and you will find one close come you.

Forget DHL/Postal. That's simply snail and also robbery.

I use dhl and request OCURRE and attend to of dhl office that destination

That way the human will pick up package/envelope at their local dhl office.

This stays clear of waiting approximately all job at home or absent packages the were reduce off.

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A \"paqueteria\" is like a third-party human being or an businessman who regularly hauls things to Mexico because that a fee. We have actually a man below in Wichita, KS I use often. He is a mexico expat that drives his van in between here and Mexico hauling anything legal for a fee. Its much cheaper than going with a mainstream shipper.

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