IMVU is an digital social networking site and it was released in 2004. In this platform, you have to use 3D avatars come meet new people, chat, create, and also play games. This is a an extremely popular society networking platform and also it has 6M+ active users. It has the biggest virtual goods directory of much more than 40 million items.

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Gifting is a very important part of the IMVU experience. IMVU enables the user come exchange presents with various other players. You have the right to send gifts two ways in IMVU: indigenous the avatar card, and directly from the Shop. If you send a gift native the avatar card then you have the right to only send items that room on the person’s great list.

Features of IMVU

1. Select your life and customize yourself
2. 3D avatar creator allows you architecture yourself from peak to bottom3. Role plays your digital life yet you desire – obtain weird, gain wild, it’s all you!4. Avatar looks can readjust to enhance your layout – shop without limits!5. Chat with friends from anywhere the world!6. Conversation lobby lets you attach with football player near and also far7. Avatar chat offers you full conversations the are much more than prompt messages8. Chat through friends making use of your personal animated through Moji9. Online social game for you and also your friends to enjoy10. The avatar life is your life; do it what you want it to be!11. Want a love story? IMVU can be a dating simulator for your avatar’s love life12. Function play and also chat with friends to develop an exceptional story13. When chatting, you can pose, add filters, and also post photos to get human being talking14. Online chat through a range of emotes, emoji, and functions

How to Send presents On IMVU indigenous The Avatar Card

The process of giving presents on IMVU is an extremely simple. Monitor the below steps:1. First, pull out a user’s avatar card and also the gift choice will appear2. Now click the avatar snapshot of the user3. You can likewise use the Friends menu to search your friend list4. Now click the gift icon and also sent gift items to her friends

How to Send gifts On IMVU native The Shop

You can also send gifts straight from the shop. The process is really simple. Check the below steps:1. First, walk to the shop top top IMVU2. Now choose the gift item the you want to send to your friend3. Then click on the ellipsis (three dots) ~ above the lower-right edge of the item4. The product map of the item will appear5. Now from the available options click the Gift option6. Then choose the friend/friends whom you desire to send the gifts7. Finally, click the “Send” switch to send the gifts

How to Redeem Credits using Your IMVU Gift Card?

IMVU provides redeemable gift cards for USA users. You have the right to redeem the gift cards and then shop till you drop top top the best 3D Avatar for her profile. Monitor the below steps come redeem credits:1. Very first click top top the IMVU Gift Cards page2. Now check the earlier of the gift card and you will check out the redemption code, lightly scrape the gray coating to disclose the code3. Then enter the password in the field and also then click the “Redeem Now” button4. Wait for couple of moments because that the confirmation of her IMVU credits come be included to your account

How To select A Gift indigenous The Catalog?

You have the right to easily select a gift native the directory in IMVU. Now follow the listed below steps:1. First, go to and also then log in to her account2. Now click on the shop menu and then choose “Browse the Catalog”3. Here, you deserve to directly select from the magazine or manually find for things that you want to send together a gift4. Currently click the item’s name or picture to open its product details page and then click on the “Add to gift list” link5. That will include to her gift list6. If you want to gift that to who then an initial add the gift to her list7. Then click on the avatar photo of the user8. Girlfriend can likewise use the Friends menu to find your friends list9. Now click the gift icon and sent gift items to her friends

FAQs about IMVU

1. First, go to and then log in to her account2. Now click the Credits then choose Give Credits3. A kind will appear, to fill the form, and also then click the give button4. Click “Yes, confirm the credit transfer” to finish the process
Yes, you can gift VIP ~ above IMVU but it have the right to only be gifted with a credit transaction card and also PayPal subscriptions. You can not gift VIP using the IMVU Gift Cards unless you send the card and the recipient redeemed the VIP subscription by themselves.
No, at this time there is no feature easily accessible in IMVU that enable a user come re-sell, trade, transfer, return, or delete items that the player has purchased because that themselves or to be gifted by others.
There are many ways you have the right to earn credits rapid on IMVU. They are:1. Buy credits making use of a credit card2. Become a fan of IMVU top top Facebook and also you will earn 500 credits3. Refer friends to IMVU and also you will acquire 1500 credits4. Shot to play through your pet to knife credits fast
IMVU allows its football player to exchange credits with each other. However, over there is a limit and also you can only send 10k credits every day.
Well, IMVU is an online social networking site, however; many human being consider it as a dating site also.

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AP will cost US$5.50 ~ above IMVU. You can use credit transaction Card, PayPal, and also other supported payment methods to pay the fees.
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