Nothing dials increase the romance prefer a readjust of scenery, yet that doesn"t necessarily average you have to leave home. Your following sexy getaway is together close as your bathroom shower.

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Here"s a look at the good, the bad, and the slippery — and also 11 tips on how to have actually shower sex that"s safe and steamy: 


1. Carry out prep the bathroom for romance.



Before you acquire naked because that shower sex, it"s time to lug sexy back ... To her bathroom. If sexy was ever there to begin with, that is. Prep your lavatory because that shower sex by cleaning the shower and also putting away any type of shampoos, soap, and other item you"re not going come use with your partner. Due to the fact that nothing death the mood prefer accidentally sitting on her razor throughout a sensual scrub down.

Then stock the shower through goodies to pamper your partner — soft washcloths, a loofah, invigorating body wash and also shampoo — and also plenty the extra towels. For safety"s sake, girlfriend might additionally want to include a non-slip mat come the shower floor. Slipping and also sliding have actually their place; this is no it.

Now take into consideration the rest of the bathroom"s ambiance. Fluorescent lighting and also bathroom smells (yes, us went there) aren"t typically considered aphrodisiacs. So tidy up, pat soft music and also light some scented candles.

And if privacy"s one issue, make certain the door locks — or you"re setting yourself up for a major buzz kill. We partnered up with Durex to make certain you got only the optimal do"s and don"ts come make sure your following shower is as sexy together possible!


2. DO get "dirty" … if girlfriend want.

Maybe you desire hard, rapid "balls-to-the-stalls" shower head sex. Maybe you"re in search of a slow, tenderness massage. Or possibly you"re going because that a combo. The most vital thing come remember about how to have actually shower sex: gain yourself and also your partner.

"The shared shower is an erotic opportunity," claims expert Pamela Madsen, a sex and also intimacy coach and also founder that the earlier to the body sensuous retreat for women. "It provides you access to locations you can"t typically reach in bed. So take it full advantage and discover sexiness in all the corners the the body however girlfriend want."


3. DON"T start out actually dirty.

Showering together is a possibility for you and also your partner to check out each other"s bodies an ext thoroughly 보다 usual. But it"s not the time for body hair removal, sharp extractions, or any other meticulous an individual grooming — on you or her partner. Often tend to all that prior to you bathe together. (Unless you"re into that sort of thing ... )


4. Carry out take advantage of bath accessories.

Oh, the magical points a shower head — and washcloth and tingly body wash — can do! In the shower, you and your partner have a number of sensual tools at your disposal. Experiment with different water temperatures and shower head settings. For part extra splish splash, include lube and a waterproof sex toy to the mix.

Just make certain to re-superstructure the shower head, if you have actually only one. (And say thanks to your lucky stars if you have actually two.)

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5. DON"T loofah her hoo-ha.



Couples deserve to do part pretty dangerous things in the heat of the moment. Remember: Just because a soap or body wash feels good on the rest of your body doesn"t average it"s OK to placed on personal parts. Friend wouldn"t usage a rubber ducky as a condom. Therefore don"t even think about using hair conditioner or body wash as lube.


6. Do take her time.

You"re lathering your partner up so slowly it"s driving the wild. Now what? try doing it also slower, Madsen advises. "Think of exactly how geishas offered to erotically bathe men. Take it this time to be a giver."

To the end, make certain you have actually the time the takes to have a fulfilling experience. Girlfriend won"t gain as lot out that a couples" shower if you"ve acquired to be at occupational in 15 minutes or the children are banging ~ above the bathroom door due to the fact that they need to potty.


7. DON"T make it a marathon.

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8. DO shot different sex location positions.

Shower sex is all around building trust, being spontaneous, and also knowing your limits. Oh, and it have the right to be really hot, too. If it"s the very first time you and also your companion have gained wet and also wild, be all set for part trial and error.

If you"re around the exact same height, it might be less complicated to stand and face each fairly than attempt any kind of heavy lifting or yoga bending. If you have actually a mix shower/tub, think about having the shorter person was standing on the leaf of the tub and organize on come the wall surface for security while the taller human stands top top the shower floor. (Pro tip: never hang on come the shower curtain.)

Another idea: have one companion bend over, as far as the or she is comfortable (hands ~ above the edge of the tub works) if the other ... Ahem, scrubs and rubs, from behind. If all else fails, sit or lie on the shower head floor and also get busy.

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9. DON"T change positions as well quickly.

There"s no main stat, but we"d guess that 97.5 percent of shower head sex injuries come from obtaining too excited and also rushing right into or the end of position. Obviously, it"s vital to switch points up if girlfriend or her shower-mate feel as well precarious. However slow down, partners! Take your time to protect against slipping top top the bathtub or crashing v the shower head doors. Giving and receiving is awesome, yet not once head injuries are involved.


10. Execute shower for foreplay … or every the way.

"Shower sex is an possibility to play in different way with your partner," says Madsen. "It"s not something friend can obtain wrong or right." If you and also your partner feel choose ditching the stall and also finishing up in bed or on the bathmat, execute your thing. Simply don"t leaving the water running.


11. DON"T give increase if it"s a to wash (pun intended).



Showering together might not be as basic as your typical solo routine. It takes preparation, teamwork and also time. Not to cite the opportunity of gift left out in the cold (i.e. The end of the water’s reach).

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But don"t permit a challenging first time — bruises, a boy bathroom flood, water in your eyes — discourage future experimentation. Novel experiences store couples bonded. Besides, a few more shower sessions, and you and also your partner will know exactly what the 2 of girlfriend like, just how you prefer it, and also pass the washcloth, please.