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Last to update on October 2021

So you’ve gained a medicine test comes up, and you’ve determined to evade it. You’ve gained your fake urine, and you’ve got it prepared for the work of your drug test. But, yes one an ext concern: just how do girlfriend actually gain the urine right into the facility? you can’t simply walk in with a container that yellow liquid in your hand!

That’s why we’ve composed this article. We’re going to cover specifically how you obtain your fake pee into the facility, and also therefore acquire the pass you need.

Table that Contents

The Basics

You’ll require your fake pee, the course. If you nothing have any yet, we extremely recommend ours best artificial urine kit, Sub Solution . Beyond the urine itself, you’ll need a container because that it, and also some way to save it warm.

Yes, warm. Remember, urine originates from the body, and also the body is no at room temperature. Human to pee generally falls in a temperature variety of 94F come 100F. If it’s higher than that, you’re to run a fever; lower, and also you’re dead. Due to the fact that we don’t desire the rap techs come infer either case, make certain to save your pee warm. They will refuse your sample if they have actually reason to think it’s no in the best temperature range.

There are two means to warmth up her fake pee: the fast means and the slow way.

The fast way of maintaining it heat is to toss the container right into the microwave for around ten seconds. This will obtain it to about 100F. As soon as heated, secure that close to your body; us cover how in the following section. If you’re utilizing a heating pad to maintain temperature, yes no require to affix it close to the body, as the pad will certainly take care of heating needs.

The slow way is by utilizing the heater pad generally included with most artificial urine kits. Connect the pad come the bottle, and also it’ll get the urine as much as the exactly temperature in around forty-five minutes to one hour. Make certain you leave enough time because that the heater pad to work. The heater pad will store the urine heat for about eight hours.


Getting It within the Lab

Your pee is ready, now to get it within the facility. If you wondering about whether they’ll pat friend down, nothing worry: A lab does not have actually the volume under the regulation to frisk you. They deserve to ask you come empty her pockets and also remove your jacket, yet they no empowered to execute any much more than that, as they are not law enforcement. This is usually the instance for pre-employment tests; if police are present at your test, that’s a whole different problem. Through all that said, if someone spots a bulge wherein it shouldn’t be, they have the right to ask you to show what’s causing it.

The easiest way to sneak your stuff in is to simply stick it in your clothing. Due to the fact that it’s nearby to her body, your body warmth will keep it warm. The ideal option is under your underwear, and women can likewise tuck it right into the bra. In every cases, take treatment that it doesn’t autumn out of wherein you placed it, and that it doesn’t do an evident bulge.

If you desire it a bit much more secure, climate you can connect the party to her body in a few different ways. The cheap and quick option is come use electric tape from the hardware store. The an elaborate option is a Velcro strap v a built-in pouch particularly for the bottle. Part stores sell such pouches, and they’ll carry out the project nicely.

Another option: some athletic shorts come with a pocket to accommodate a cup and also thereby protect your bits. Get a pair of those and stick the party in there. Exact same deal together the Velcro strap arrangement, however less hassle.

A much subtler alternative is a belt pouch through an attached tube. This secures approximately your body and also won’t bulge out for the rap techs come notice, and also since that close to your body, your body heat works for it. If you’re gift observed, the tube permits you come subtly fill up your sample cup.

For guys who room dead certain that you going come be it was observed while you carry out your sample, you’ll desire a fake penis. It’s basically the same belt pouch rig, yet the attached pipe is instead a simulated dick that will fool the observing lab tech, and thus allow you administer a instead of sample without gift detected.

Last points to Do

Before you put your sample in, whether it’s native a bottle or a pipe arrangement, offer the container a little shake first, come encourage bubbling. Then pour it into the sample cup. Urine tends to have actually a little bit of bubble in that when naturally put right into a sample cup, and also you don’t desire to expedition the laboratory tech’s suspicions.

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Once that’s done, action out and also hand in your sample, and then turn off you go earlier to her usual life.