Tschüss (also Tschüs)

This is the simplest and also most common method of saying goodbye.

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It reflects that you are in a an excellent mood and is regularly used amongst friends and colleagues.You can additionally combine it with a give thanks to you in German, for instance Tschüss und Danke für die tolle Zeit.

But girlfriend don’t just want to know how to speak goodbye in German the straightforward way, carry out you?


Instead the the simple, Tschüss, placed some Italian flair come it and say Tschau! the is the German variation of the Italian word Ciao.

It is not just friendly, but also a an extremely warm method of parting i m sorry shows good companionship and togetherness.


This is one more version of Tschüss the you might use if you don’t desire to sound average. Girlfriend will regularly hear it when friends space parting ~ a party or as soon as someone is leave a friend’s house.


This is a typical phrase in Austria or in southerly Germany for example in Bayern (Bavaria),which is a commonwealth state that Germany.

It deserve to be analyzed to at your service, but we prefer to use it casually as a means of saying goodbye, especially after having a great time.

It is also used as a greeting or a method of saying good morning.

See how Servus and also other phrases have the right to be provided to to speak hello in German.

Bis dann!

See you later!

This form of bye is provided when it’s not certain when you will certainly be conference again.

It is mainly used v friends that you accomplish with regularly, no someone that you’ve not watched for a long time and you don’t intend to watch them again in a long time.

Bis denn!

This is obtained from bis dann and also it also means see girlfriend later.

It is just a cool way twist to show some style. But be careful, dann is no the exact same as denn. Below I will describe the difference in between dann and also denn.

Bis später!

There is no shortage of ways to to speak see girlfriend later, is there?

Bis später literally method until later on (till we satisfy again), yet when girlfriend think about it in English the feels serious and also rather sad.

So, forget the English translation and also just think about it together a an easy see girlfriend later.

Bis bald!

This is also a an extremely common phrase.

It is so common that it’s amongst the couple of phrases in Germany the you will certainly hear even an ext than the phrase ‘excuse me’ in German.

It also method see friend later.

Mach’s gut

Literally it means make that good.Don’t let the apostrophe confuse you. It mirrors that a native is shortened here. That actually means Mach es gut!

Sometimes we also see the alternative spelling there is no an apostrophe Machs gut!

We frequently use it as soon as we desire to express sympathy, specifically when troubles are imminent and we want to encourage the other.

The other then frequently replies Du auch!

Bis nachher

We use this idiom once the following meeting is already planned and takes place on the same day, for example when we watch each various other again in a couple of hours.

man sieht sich

We don’t usage this idiom once we have already planned a new meeting, but when that is still uncertain as soon as we will watch each other next.

Bis zum nächsten Mal

We commonly use this idiom once we satisfy regularly for planned events, for example a weekly meeting for a run course or society training, etc.

Now the you’ve known just how to to speak goodbye in German come friends and also colleagues, let’s look at some of the methods you could say the exact same in a formal setting:

Auf Wiedersehen!

You guessed it, didn’t you??

This is the most common and also most construed formal means of speak goodbye in German.

It is additionally polite and respectful, and you must it to your seniors and people your respect.

Einen schönen tag noch!

(The long version is: Ich wünsche dir/euch/Ihnen noch einen schönen Tag.)

Leaving a group of partner at work?

Then usage this expression to say goodbye to them. The means: Have a pretty day!

It is not just formal, it is likewise respectful, polite and quite uncommon, which means a variety of them will certainly be impressed.

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Schönen tag (noch)!

The previous variation is also feasible a tiny shorter, yet then it is no so official anymore.