The Los Santos Tuners updates presented sprint races to GTA Online. Here's what lock are and how come win.

GTA 5 Online acceleration Races room a new form of race included as component of the Los Santos Tuners content upgrade in so late July.A sprint race is quite various from a typical race.

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For one, the takes location through an active Los Santos. You"ll navigate roughly traffic and also pedestrians top top your means to the finish. It additionally doesn"t have actually checkpoints prefer your standard GTA race does. You merely need to gain to the end the quickest method possible, taking any kind of route girlfriend like.


How to start Sprint Races

Setting increase sprint races in GTA Online is simple enough. First, head to her garage and also grab a personal vehicle. Pick a automobile that is fast and also has an excellent handling.

Drive the end to the Los Santos vehicle Meetat thePißwasser warehouse, i beg your pardon is across the street from the Pißwasser factory in La Mesa in the south east area that Los Santos. You will hear the sounds of revving engines together you method the complex.


Once inside the building, open up the communication menu and select "Sprint." This will develop the lobby because that the acceleration race. When one person has joined, a 30-second countdown timer will appear. Anyone the joins in ~ those 30 seconds will get involved in the race— increase to four players total— yet if nobody joins, it"ll be simply you and one various other person.

Once either the lobby is to fill or the countdown hits zero, you will be teleported to the beginning point at the tractor parts warehouse, phibìc of the Los Santos car Meet.

How to win a Sprint race in GTA Online

The end up area is selected in ~ randombut will appear on her GPS. You have the right to follow your gps if girlfriend like, but if you think you understand a shortcut, perhaps involving a stunt jump the you have the right to use to cut across big portions the the map, then you have the right to absolutely walk your own way.

Contact is mainly enabledin these types ofraces. You can collide with other racers, and vehicles in traffic, but other players in the server who room not participating in the race will certainly not be able to touch you.

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Race distances count on i beg your pardon of the seven areas is selected, ranging from 1.46 miles to 3.9 miles. The prizes rely both top top your position in the race, and the number of competitors. Every player, also those that come in last, will acquire RP:

Two players: first gets 40, 2nd gets 32Three players: first gets 50, 2nd gets 40, 3rd gets 30Four Players: first gets 60, 2nd gets 48, 3rd gets 36, fourth gets 30

Sprint Races space a great way to develop up RP, learn the map, and also accrue street racing talent. V all the info above, you have to be all set to take them on inGTA Online.