NEARLY every pregnant women acquire food cravings - but Stacey Solomon's admission she's eating salads drenched in vinegar pales in comparison with this lot.

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These 3 mums were every blighted by pica, an intense craving for non-food items favor chalk, record towels and soil. Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, castle tell their stories...


Kadejah Clarke, 24, couldn't stop eating talcum powderCredit: Tell and also sell stories

‘I scoffed three bottles the talcum powder a WEEK’

Kadejah Clarke, 24, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, uncovered an inexplicable use because that all that baby powder...

Before I had actually my children, I had a friend v an iron deficiency who offered to eat Johnson’s baby Powder.

I believed she was nuts and couldn’t quite think it as soon as she controlled to convince me to try some. I believed it was disgusting!


Her companion Alexander Belo, 27, begged her to stop - however Khadeja to be hookedCredit: Tell and sell stories

But years later, when I dropped pregnant with my eldest daughter, Dae’Jha-Leigh, the memory of the powder popped right into my head and suddenly it was all ns wanted.

I purchase a party of it and also it to be so update as quickly as the white stuff hit mine tongue.

I can’t explain why ns loved the so much but from that moment on, ns was hooked.

After I provided birth to my daughter I assumed my strange craving was over and also it to be – until I dropped pregnant with my youngest daughter Naila-Monaé 7 years later.

My impulse to eat the flour was even stronger than before and also I started gaining through three bottles a week. It tasted incredible.

I started gaining through three bottles of talcum powder a week. It tasted incredible

Kadejah Clarke, 24, from Wolverhampton

I decided not to tell mine 27-year-old partner, a credit controller, since I was scared of his reaction.

But one day he caught me in the act and went mad.

He to be a little bit worried for the baby, which i understood, so i swore I’d stop. Yet that didn’t critical long.

I think i went 2 days there is no fuelling my addiction before I began sprinkling talcum powder in my mouth again.

When Alexander captured me for a 2nd time, he take it a snap that me ~ above his phone and sent it to my mum, so she might grill me about it too.



Khadeja was the very same with both she pregnanciesCredit: Tell and also sell stories

Now Dae’Jha-Leigh is practically seven and also I’m on maternity leaving from working as a customer organization advisor at a speak to centre caring because that Naila-Monaé, that is seven weeks old.

Luckily both of castle turned out fine.

Looking back, it appears utterly crazy that ns was eating talcum flour - however at the time is was critical to gain me v my pregnancies!

Pica is the term supplied to define intense cravings for non-food items which have no nutritional value.

No-one yes, really knows what causes it - however it's most typical during pregnancy.

It has been linked to stole deficiency, yet this doesn't mean you have actually a deficiency if you have unusual cravings.

Although the women named below saw no disadvantage effects, pica can reason health difficulties like bowel blockage or command poisoning if you are consuming the wrong items in huge quantities.

Mums-to-be need to avoid complying with these cravings if possible.

‘I had actually to sneak turn off in in between clients therefore I can chew on file towels in secret’

Nazma Iqbal, 38, indigenous Derby, Derbyshire, couldn't let she customers know about her bizarre craving...


Nazma Iqbal, 38, would sneak turn off to scoff paper towels in between clientsCredit: Tell and also sell stories

I stood in the shower and also reached for the shampoo - yet as ns poured some into my hand, my stomach turned.

Just the odor of it made me feel sick. I washed mine hair quickly and then sat on the leaf of the bath tub, waiting for the nausea to pass.

I was simply a couple of weeks pregnant with my 4th child and I ongoing to suffer with bad morning sickness.

Soon I began waking increase in the center of the night, grinding my teeth, desperate because that the emotion of something come bite into.

her husband Shahid Khan, 41, acted like Nazma had actually 'lost her mind'Credit: Tell and sell stories

I tried whatever from crisps come biscuits, crackers come nuts, but nothing to solve me.

I started getting really grumpy and frustrated and would cry because that hours, all because I couldn’t avoid grinding my teeth.

One afternoon, ns was sitting v my daughter Amreen if she was doing she homework, using some chalk.

I don’t recognize what came over me, but I suddenly took a bite from one of the piece of chalk - it to be bliss.

It feeling so reassuring on my teeth and also helped lull my nausea. My husband, Shahid Khan, 41, a experienced cricket coach, looked at me prefer I had actually lost mine mind.

But chalk wasn’t enough. I necessary something better.

I entered the back garden and also scratched the cement between the bricks on the wall surface and sucked my fingers like a hungry monster

Nazma Iqbal, 38, native Derby

Soon i turned to cooking flour, yet then i realised mine favourite craving of all – document towels.

As ns tore turn off a paper of kitchen roll and tore it with my teeth, it was a feeling like no other.

The rough document felt prefer heaven in mine mouth and also I chewed up the entirety sheet until it turned soggy.

My three children couldn't avoid laughing together they watched me no hope fulfilling mine craving.

She to be still eating file towels if in labourCredit: Tell and also sell stories

In my job as a beautician and also hairdresser, I had actually to sneak turn off in between clients so I might chew on paper towels in secret.

When i ran out of kitchen roll, I got in the ago garden and also scratched the cement between the bricks ~ above the wall and sucked my fingers choose a hungry monster.

I preserved on chewing up paper towels until I finally went into labour.

Even then, in between contractions, i munched top top the hospital’s scratchy record towels till I finally gave birth to my child Azaan, currently five.

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Eating paper towels definitely kept me sane during those nine months.

I often think back and wonder how I would have coped if i hadn’t given in my bizarre cravings.

It was one hell that a pregnancy, yet it was worth the in the end.

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