MTV's Ridiculousness desires to licence my video and market me $200. Any type of one have actually experience through this?

Here's a quote indigenous their email they sent out me

"Our present non-exclusively patent videos, therefore if you to be to it is in OK through us airing it, friend would keep all ownership of your video and are cost-free to license it to other companies, need to anyone else contact you later wanting to license it as well. It just offers us permission to air that on our show."

Anyone know exactly how true this is? I'd still prefer to save the revenue I'm making from the video, perform I shed that?

I have actually with The price sounds about right for just airing it and not wanting full rights. I offered a video clip to break for $1000 wherein I provided up ownership. I think they offered $300 to just use it without full ownership. Ns did yet get a call from Trutv about a year later on asking to usage it on your tv show for $1500 yet I told lock I currently gave up the civil liberties so I might not market it. They will send girlfriend a contract to sign which will information exactly what they are using the video clip for, and also if you would be or not giving up ownership.

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Somebody else had Ridiculousness ask to use their video around a week earlier and do a post around it. You might check out the responses come that, i think some civilization that had stuff ~ above the display before additionally responded to it.

From their statement, it definitely seems favor you would still obtain to save revenue you're earning from the video. I would certainly imagine the you have the right to probably take them pretty much at your word, but of food you have to read over the contract once you're presented through it and make sure you're okay through all the terms. Also, you could want to check if they'll be re-uploading the video clip to Youtube on their very own channel if they have actually one, due to the fact that if they perform it would most likely take far views from your own.

You will still keep any type of income you make from your video. That's what a non-exclusive patent means. It basically just gives them your paid consent to air the video clip to your audience. I've done this with numerous sites the exist specifically for this purpose. It's a great way come make quick cash and also possibly journey up her views if who goes looking for it on youtube. I'd carry out it as long as that is a non-exclusive license.

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I think human being should be getting minimum $5000 for stuff favor this

I'm basing this off including up all the clips for $200 because that a present that has been on for years

Get real, they are obtaining the majority of the content for the show for usually nothing, it is bullshit

Yeah, fine if everyone stated no to the $200 then they would have to ask for more. Regrettably if you shot to negotiate climate they will probably simply go on come the following person. Let's face it, that show basically shows the very same clips over and also over. If lock can't get your video of someone falling under the stairs then they will simply go come the next suggested video clip and asking them. Getting 200 fast bucks is pretty appeal to someone who just threw their video clip up because that friends to laugh at.


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