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This page shows just how to regime mk4 (mark 4, mkiv, 4th generation) VW tricks orremotes,replace the battery, or replacement. Some procedures require the SKC due to theimmobilizer.

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This includes the new Beetle, Golf (up to 2006), and Jetta andPassat (up to 2005). Because that mk3 (1995-1999) Jetta TDI or PassatTDI keyless entry programming, view 1000q: mk3 an essential FAQ.For mk5 Jetta (2005.5 and also newer) remote programming, view 1000q: mk5remote and an essential programming.

The remote/key is 2 halves but has 3 separate components: the keyless entry remote,the metal flip key, and also the immobilizer chip. Each need to be exactly to obtain thekey/remote to occupational as intended. You have to program the immobilizer (totallyseparate from programming the keyless entry) or rather theimmobilizer will certainly shut turn off the engine after a second. Check out 1000q:immobilizer FAQ for an ext details on the anti theft immobilizer.

Misc an essential info: The crucial operates in ~ 315mHz (I insurance you the the signal cannot be transmitted over a cellphone). The replacement battery for the far is CR2032. If youhave the older rubbery layout it supplies a CR1620. Theimmobilizer chip walk not require a battery due to the fact that it"s one RFID (radio frequencyidentification) chip energized by theantenna in the ignition crucial slot. The RFID chip selection is around 1"from the ignition vital slot when in a key (through plastic) and around 3"when bare.

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The very first step in obtaining a new or instead of remote/key - have to READ

-If the vehicle does not have actually an immobilizer you can program the keyless entryyourself and have a new crucial cut almost anywhere. This applies to earlymk4 cars v no immobilizer and also earlier VW generation cars.

-If you have an immobilizer and also have an currently broken crucial (brokenremote or flip key), you deserve to salvage the parts out of your existing vital andput them right into a new key. For example, if the crucial ring loop is broken,split the an essential and change it v a offered part. VW doesn"t sell just keyring loops. Girlfriend can additionally swap your current immobilizer chip into thereplacement key instead of bringing it come the dealer. The RFID chip and also acloseup room pictured below (white arrow).Use part acetone or very closely cut about it to remove the chip and also then swap that with brand-new key"s chip. Climate you can program the keyless entryyourself and also have a new an essential cut anyplace the can reduced the metal sidemilled/reverse cut key. You could tape the old chip tothe outside of the ignition cylinder but that defeat theimmobilizer anti-theft function. And also if friend dug it out why not justput it right into the brand-new key?

-If you have actually an immobilizer and also you don"t have actually an old an essential to salvagethe immobilizer chip the end of, you should read the notes below around the SKC code and keyvariations.


How to tell if you have an immobilizer and differences by year

If you have the yellow auto symbol pictured a few paragraphs below on theinstrument cluster, you have actually an immobilizer. The two types of VW immobilizersused in the mk4 generation in phibìc America are immobilizer 2 and 3.Generally speaking, VW up to around 1999 donot have an immobilizer and immo-1 was no equipped ~ above cars sold in theUS/Canada.

If you have actually Immo2, you require the SKC to usage a new vital or instrument cluster. It has anemergency drive duty that will certainly let you journey to the dealership ormechanic because that them to fix it but you must know the SKC code.

If you have actually Immo3, you require a SKC to use a brand-new key,swap instrument clusters, or swap ECUs. Thebig difference with immo3 is that it you cannot reprogram provided immobilizer chips(used keys). VW doesn"t sell just chips. Remember, the door-unlock-remote part is different from theignition key-chip half, A used vital fob (after programming) can still unlock the doors as long as theFCC number is the same. Because that the Jetta/Golf/New Beetle, immobilizer 2was introduced throughout 2000-2001 in the US/Canada. If you have a2000, it could have immo2, inspect for the yellow automobile symbol on the instrumentcluster. If her VW ismodel year 2002-2005, that probably has actually immo-3. To watch if girlfriend haveimmobilizer 2 vs. 3, see the 1000q: immobilizer FAQ. Immo-4 is top top 2005.5-2006 andnewer mk5 cars.

Pictured listed below is the immobilizer symbol on a mk5car. Your yellow vehicle symbol should look the same. It transforms on verybriefly as soon as you revolve the ignition on. If you don"t seeany immobilizer symbol 보다 you most most likely don"t have actually an immobilizer.


The cheapest means to gain a new replacement VW Jetta, Golf, or Beetle key

The cheapest way to gain a new replacement an essential is come buy a cut NEW vital off ebay or anOEM VW net parts dealer (usually a dealership who sells parts online) and take it to your neighborhood dealer for immobilizer programming. It onlytakes a maximum of 30 minutes (it really only takes 5 minutes to collection everything increase andabout 1 minute every key) however expect 1 hour labor charge (0.5 hour if they"renice). Youcan program up to 4 secrets per car. The average internet wholesale priceshould be well under $100 shippedinternet wholesale to add dealer programming the the immobilizer vs. $300-350 at thedealer for everything.

If girlfriend don"t understand your key"s part number (split the keyin fifty percent using the procedure listed below to inspect it) climate I imply going come thedealer to make sure you have the correct key part number and also FCC ID. Thepart numbers listed below are just a guide, twin check the correct component numberwith your parts seller because this website is no responsible if girlfriend order thewrong key! there may have been left over components that were used on her carso the exact VIN number transition may it is in off.

once programming any type of new key to the immobilizer, girlfriend MUST have all keyspresent because it "resets" the immobilizer chip and also the old oneswon"t work.

As mentioned above, if the auto has immobilizer 2 you have the right to reprogram usedimmobilizer chips (and offered keys). If your vehicle has immo 3 or above, youcan"t. A newkey blade half is required due to the fact that the immobilizer chip is inside that half.Again, you can use a offered remote fifty percent if it"s the exact same FCC identifier or together parts.

Retrieving the Secret vital Code (SKC) number or bypassing the immobilizer

If you have actually a vehicle 2000-2001, you can still have the 4 number plastic tagwith the SKC published on the under a scrape off panel. Pictured below from mark1vwsis the plastic tag. If you have a vehicle model year 2001 or higher,or you lost the plastic tag, friend don"t have the SKC and you cannot program theimmobilizer yourself. If friend cannot discover this climate you mustretrieve the SKC yourself to work on the immobilizer or routine new an essential chips!VW no much longer has access to give you the SKCs.

To view how to disable the immobilizer system completely or retrieve the SKCnumber, please join our community and upgrade to a premium account because that $2. The to exclude, content have the right to be viewedin this short article in the premium members only forum. Then upgrade to a premium account here. There is no easy means toimmediately bypass the immobilizer for this reason don"t stroked nerves asking. If there was,it wouldn"t be an extremely effective at theft prevention would it? VCDS cannot acquire an SKCfor you and they do not plan on combine this hacking feature.

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Mk4 VW vital part numbers

(click to watch retail prices, makesure you review the over paragraph, double check with your vendor if it"s just theremote or the whole key!) The best way to examine your key"s part number is come takeyour key apart and also check the printed component number inside. The tips beloware just general guidelines.


WITHOUT immobilizer (1998-1999, probably 2000 cars)VW# 1h0 837 219 a (with light)VW# 357 837 219 a (without light)valet an essential (no remote section) VW# 357 837 185 or 3b0 837 219 h