The accent may give it away but it"s the tiny niches and notions that us all have that renders us well, Irish.

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We"re a breed of our own and there space many-a-things that make us unique.

Here room 25 methods when you understand you"re truly Irish...

1. Tea solves all of her problems

If you have actually an issue, you"re stressed or need a chat. 

The price is tea. The feels like having actually a good cuppa helps you resolve all problems in her life. Nothing beats a an excellent cup the Lyons tea through a couple of chocolate digestives to relax. Probably things aren"t as negative as you think...


2. You"re always "grand"

Your automatic response whenever someone asks you exactly how you are. It"s grand. You might feel like the people is falling down roughly you however you still to speak you"re grand. I guess: v we never ever really say just how we feel a lot of the time. 

Everything is just grand (or that will it is in grand).


3. Girlfriend wouldn"t dare leave the immersion on...ever

The actual are afraid you would feel as soon as you forgot to turn off the immersion once your Mam asked you once you were a kid. There to be nothing worse. 

Do you actually know just how much it"ll price to save it on? 

There was no bag money because that you the week. Nowadays you worry that it"s turned off in your own home since you salary the bills.


4. Your Granny lit a candle for you anytime you had exams

So, friend didn"t study much for the test. You"re definitely going come fail. You have the right to feel it. Yet then girlfriend heard that Granny lit a candle for you in church. It was always a authorize to lug you great luck. You would certainly be grand when one was lit. It offered you that little bit of reassurance.


5. A appropriate dinner is just one of potatoes

Potatoes were (and still many of the time to this day) THE staple irish food to have actually with dinner. It would certainly be chicken and also potatoes, sausages, beans and also potatoes. Potatoes everywhere. That wasn"t yes, really a appropriate dinner unless you had actually a big scoop of potatoes somewhere on her plate.


6. When you had actually friends over your Mam constantly offered castle food

It"s a very typical irish Mammy point to do as soon as you have friends over. It was all hands ~ above deck. Your mommy would be in the kitchen cooking up a storm or she would get the ideal biscuits and also bars out so they can have some. It to be a feast.


7. were constantly offered a cup that tea

It was the same once it concerned a cup the tea. Her Mammy would certainly turn right into Mrs. Doyle from father Ted and you would practically feel guilty if you saw someone"s residence and didn"t take a cuppa. It"s common courtesy.


8. Flat 7up cures all illnesses

When you obtained hit v the flu, a cold, a vomiting bug or simply anything. The cure? certain it"s just having actually some flat or boiled 7up. It didn"t taste so nice however you thought if friend drank it, the would aid settle her stomach and also make you feel better. Over there was simply no questioning it.


9. Your mommy would never let you leave the home without her jacket

"You"ll catch your death!" was the expression numerous of us have heard so many times. 

You needed to lug a jacket the end "just in case" every time friend left the house. It could rain. It could get cold. You always knew you had actually to bring it no matter exactly how sunny it was. Currently you more than likely do the very same with her kids.


10. Friend have range of cousins

Irish households can it is in big. You end up having cousins and extended cousins pretty lot everywhere. You would view them when in a blue moon at a wedding or funeral of the family. Part you didn"t also know existed. How many do you actually have!?


11. You pray to St. Anthony at any time you shed something

Lost your car keys? you pray come St. Anthony. Shed your mother"s necklace? Pray come St. Anthony. Pretty lot every chance that friend misplace miscellaneous you would pray to St. Anthony that it would turn up. If girlfriend did friend swore you would placed a fiver in the arsenal at mass. Friend were never ever so happy once you found something.


12. You to speak "bye, bye, bye, bye" at the finish of every call call

It"s never one goodbye, it"s several. We space a country known for saying taking leave at least 10 time when getting off the phone come someone. 

It"s an extremely hard not to!


13. You can give directions based upon where that is to a certain pub

Whenever someone asks you because that directions you nearly always say wherein it is in relationship to a pub. "Once you happen McMahon"s it"s on your best there.

We guess us Irish are well-known for liking the "ol drink or two.


14. You would be in trouble once your Gran discovered out you really didn"t go to mass like you said

Most grandparents constantly went to church back in the work (and castle still proceed the tradition). They would encourage girlfriend from a young age (or even carry you follow me themselves) to walk to church and also pray. They meant you to walk every Sunday and it to be the norm but if friend missed a week you knew you to be in trouble. Friend couldn"t confront lying to your Granny. You"d shot to pretend, but she definitely knew.


15. When someone asks you about your outfit you speak "€5, Penneys!"

Whenever who compliments one Irish person they constantly get a rapid "thanks" and also then called where exactly they obtained it. If it was a bargain sure you"d hear the price as well. 

We"re no really great at acquisition compliments, space we?


16. Towels and sheets were and are always stored in your hot-press

There to be nothing like obtaining a new towel once you go to have actually a bathtub from the hot-press. It to be warm and perfect in every way. Part still save their towels there. When it come to changing your bed certain the sheets were in the hot-press. 

You knew you would have actually a great, toasty sleep.


17. Funerals have the right to sometimes be better craic than a wedding

Everyone and I typical everyone would revolve up to an ireland funeral. It was and also still is a great social occasion where you satisfy cousins and also family girlfriend haven"t seen in years. You would certainly all hit the pub afterwards, have actually some soup and sandwiches (or a nice hot meal) prior to reaching for the alcohol. It is a an excellent social event.


18. Your paleness attracts stares

Non Irish people cannot gain over just how pale we are. Ours skin isn"t really cut out because that the sun and also we usually tend to burn. If we"re on a holiday overseas in a hot nation our paleness is constantly bound to stand out.


19. You flourished up watching to win Streak v your parents every Saturday

It was the share to watch Winning Streak in my house every Saturday evening. You would certainly hope and also pray that your 3 stars would come out and you"d be on the display (we still do). 

If who you knew to be on it, certain you"d have to go follow me or song in to clock it. 

We all would love a bit of extra money.


20. You an ext than likely gained shocked through an electric fence at one point in your life

Growing increase in Ireland a most us would have lived in the landscape or had friends that lived there and also you would visit. We would always it is in tempted come touch an electric fence. It would be because that the "craic". It to be the many exciting and scary thing you probably have ever before done (or will certainly do).


21. You always included "go tobann!" in every single Irish essay.

There"s nothing much better than developing a sense of surprise once it involved writing a good essay "as gaeilge" in school. Girlfriend really wanted to shock her teacher or examiner.


22. You usage Father Ted quotes...a lot

It was most likely one that the best shows. And it to be so typically Irish. We all loved it and still do. We tend to usage references, quotes or talk around it in everyday life every now and again.


23. You thank bus drivers all the time

It"s a really Irish thing to thank bus motorists whenever you gain off. Girlfriend don"t really see it all the time in other countries, yet here it"s common courtesy and something that just rolls off her tongue. Us don"t also think about it anymore.


24. People constantly stop and also ask you because that directions

Especially if you"re in a popular tourist spot. You get asked non-stop where places are. It"s prefer your a magnet for attracting fist for directions. Certain we"re always glad to help.


25. You execute something "just for the craic!"

This is most likely the most Irish thing of all. Certain we all simply do something for the "craic" and it is bound come turn right into a good story you"ll always tell. 

Sure we"re all just "madt".

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Do girlfriend relate to any type of of these? Let united state know!

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