A Pokemon trade through an NPC in the standard Nintendo DS video game Pokemon Platinum go horribly wrong for one unfortunate brand-new player.

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later on this year, Pokemon fans will get the chance to revisit the Sinnoh an ar on the Nintendo move through Pokemon excellent Diamond and Shining Pearl, remakes the the DS-era main series Pokemon games. However, there space still those that play the original Pokemon DiamondPearl, and Platinum gamings regularly, even with remakes on the horizon. In fact, part may also be playing through games like Pokemon Platinum for the an initial time, as was the case with Reddit user N_E_ON.

if playing through Pokemon Platinum, Reddit user N_E_ON got to Snowpoint City. Top top arriving, they ran into a Pokemon trainer named Mindy, who was offering to profession a Haunter in exchange for a Medicham. Because that the uninitiated, trading a Haunter in the main series Pokemon games makes it evolve into Gengar, which is among N_E_ON"s favorite Pokemon. N_E_ON has actually never been able to usage Gengar in the Pokemon games because they didn"t have anyone to trade with, and also so they were excited to trade through Mindy come finally add one to your team.

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N_E_ON then spent hours first looking because that a Meditite to catch and then training that Meditite come level 37 until it advanced into Medicham. ~ spending around six hours leveling increase Meditite in Pokemon Platinum, N_E_ON went back to Snowpoint City and also spoke through Mindy. And that"s once disaster struck.


After perfect the Pokemon trade with Mindy, N_E_ON was shocked to discover that the Haunter Mindy trades is stop an Everstone. In the Pokemon video clip games, a Pokemon stop an Everstone is can not to evolve. This meant that N_E_ON invested all the time to record a Meditite and also evolve it into a Medicham to profession for a Gengar, just for it to still be impossible for them to get their Gengar.

N_E_ON"s short article on Reddit has amassed end 10,000 upvotes and also over 400 comment as other users re-publishing their poor experiences v Mindy. It appears that many Pokemon Platinum players had a similarly an adverse experience once trading Mindy because that a Haunter, as they too had expected to get a Gengar in return. Considering exactly how many people seem to dislike the Mindy NPC in Pokemon Platinum, it will certainly be interesting to watch if she is removed in the upcoming Pokemon excellent Diamond and Shining Pearl games, or if the encounter is tweaked so the Haunter is at least no much longer holding an Everstone.

If over there are any type of plans to change the Mindy conference in Pokemon excellent Diamond and Shining Pearl, castle haven"t been announced so far. Based upon the Pokemon excellent Diamond and Shining Pearl gameplay that"s been shown to date, the gamings seem to it is in pretty faithful recreations that the Generation 4 Pokemon games, therefore don"t it is in surprised if Mindy is tho trading a Haunter through an Everstone in the brand-new games.

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Pokemon Platinum is the end now, solely for the Nintendo DS.

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