I was simply wondering if there to be a means to profession Pokémon in Pokémon black color 2 with white 2 and additionally with Pokémon heart gold/ spirit silver ? Or room you just able come trade v white 2. If so might someone explain to me just how to perform so ?

You deserve to send Pokémon indigenous HGSS come BW/B2W2, however not the other means around. You have the right to only in reality trade in between BW/B2W2. To send Pokémon from HGSS to among the other games, you require two DS/3DS/2DS (they don’t must match), placed one game in each, and then head to the Pokémon deliver lab in BW/B2W2 (should be simply west of the White woodland / black City). The game will tell girlfriend what to carry out from there.

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answeredOct 22, 2019by KRLW

You can"t trade, however you can carry from HeartGold/SoulSilver come Black/White/Black 2/White 2. Despite they can"t it is in sent ago once transferred.


Two Nintendo DS/3DS/2DS systems.Legitimate copies of Pokémon HG/SS and also BW/B2W2 (if you have a bootleg game, you can not have the ability to transfer).In HG/SS, you have to defeat the elite Four and also enter the room of Fame, then shot to board the S.S. Aqua to get the national Pokédex.In BW/B2W2, you should defeat the upstream Four and enter the hall of Fame, then walk to the PokéTransfer lab on path 15.

How come transfer

To move Pokémon indigenous Pokémon HG/SS to Pokémon BW/B2W2, walk to course 15 in BW/B2W2 and go into the PokéTransfer Lab. Go inside. If this is your first visit, a scientist will certainly talk come you and also take you come the height of the room. If you have visited before, go speak to the scientist in ~ the top.

When asked to use an additional DS, choose Yes. Once you are informed that the Pokémon can"t be sent out back, pick Yes. As soon as prompted to start DS Wireless Communications, select Yes. When asked to conserve the game, choose Yes.

Turn ~ above your other Nintendo DS/3DS/2DS that has actually the Pokémon HG/SS cartridge in it, then select DS Download Play indigenous the food selection (if making use of a 3DS, Download play is in the residence screen. Look for the orange symbol with a DS ~ above it. Once prompted, pick to download Nintendo DS software). Pick the video game that has actually the identifier number that is presented in her Pokémon black 2 game, climate say Yes come download. After it downloads, select exactly six pokémon that you want to transfer, and also say Yes when asked if you want to move those pokémon. Speak Yes if the game tells friend that held items will certainly be put into the bag.

After you have actually chosen the Pokémon, you will play a mini-game in Pokémon black 2 where you throw Pokéballs in ~ pokémon that move roughly the screen. To litter the Pokéballs, traction the stylus on the touchscreen to traction the Pokéball downward, and also watch the top display screen to check out where the Pokéball will certainly land. Take the stylus pen off that the display screen to litter the pokéball. If a pokémon is hiding in a bush, litter a Pokéball in ~ the shrub to do the pokémon jump out. Litter a Pokéball at a jumping pokémon to capture it. Close to the end of the moment limit, a pink cloud that Sleep Powder will float across the screen. Struggle the pink cloud through a Pokéball to make the pokémon loss asleep. Then throw Pokéballs at the resting pokémon. If a pokémon is no on the display screen when friend hit the pink cloud, you won"t be able to catch that pokémon till it wakes up and comes ago onscreen.

If over there are any kind of pokémon that you carry out not desire to send from Pokémon HG/SS to Pokémon BW/B2W2, just don"t record those pokémon. Uncaught pokémon will go ago to Pokémon HG/SS.

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After the moment runs out, you will certainly be asked if you want to deliver the captured pokémon. If you say No, the pokémon will certainly go ago to Pokémon HG/SS. Otherwise, to speak Yes to deliver them. The game will it is in saved. You will be request if you want to usage the PokéTransfer again. Choose No if you space done, or choose Yes if you want to transfer an ext pokémon. If you are done, the video game will ask friend to turn off the power.