Numeric KeypadKey CombinationsTouch PadChanging the monitor Stick Cap

Numeric Keypad


The numeric keypad functions like the numeric keypad ~ above an outside keyboard. Each crucial on the keypad has multiple functions. The keypad numbers and also symbols are significant in blue on the best of the keypad keys. To form a number or symbol, organize down and press the desired key.

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Key Combinations

System Functions

Opens the job Manager window.


Displays the Dell™ QuickSet Battery Meter (see Dell™ QuickSet Battery Meter).

Display Functions

Switches the video clip image to the next screen option. The alternatives include the combined display, an exterior monitor, and both displays simultaneously.

Scales between wide-screen and also standard facet ratio video clip resolutions.

and left-arrow key

Activates the ambient light sensor, which controls brightness that the display based on light level in the existing environment.

and up-arrow key

Increases brightness ~ above the incorporated display only (not on an outside monitor).

and also down-arrow key

Decreases brightness top top the incorporated display only (not on an outside monitor).

Power Management

Activates a power administration mode. You can reprogram this key-board shortcut come activate a various power management mode utilizing the Advanced tab in the Power choices Properties window (see Accessing Power options Properties).

Puts the computer into hibernate mode. Dell QuickSet is forced (see Dell™ QuickSet).

Microsoft® Windows® Logo vital Functions

Windows logo an essential and

Minimizes all open windows.

Windows logo an essential and

Restores all reduced windows. This key mix functions as a toggle come restore decreased windows complying with the use of the home windows logo key and vital combination.

Windows logo crucial and

Runs home windows Explorer.

Windows logo an essential and

Opens the Run dialog box.

Windows logo an essential and

Opens the Search outcomes dialog box.

Windows logo an essential and

Opens the Search Results-Computer dialog crate (if the computer is connected to a network).

Windows logo key and

Opens the System Properties dialog box.

To change keyboard operation, such as the character repeat rate, open the regulate Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and also click Keyboard. For information about the regulate Panel, access the assist and Support center (click Start® Help and also Support).

Touch Pad

The touch pad detects the pressure and also movement of your finger to enable you to move the cursor on the display. Usage the touch pad and touch pad buttons as you would use a mouse.


You can also use the monitor stick to move the cursor. Press the monitor stick left, right, up, or under to readjust the direction of the cursor ~ above the display. Use the monitor stick and also track rod buttons as you would use a mouse.

Customizing the Touch Pad and Track Stick

You can use the Mouse Properties home window to disable the touch pad and track stick or readjust their settings.

Open the control Panel, and also then click Mouse. Because that information about the regulate Panel, access the aid and Support facility (click Start® Help and also Support).In the computer mouse Properties window:Click OK to save the settings and also close the window.

Changing the monitor Stick Cap

You deserve to replace her track stick lid if that wears down from an extensive use or if you like a various color. You have the right to purchase additional caps by visiting the Dell website at


Pull the cap off the monitor stick.Align the new cap end the square track stick post and also gently press the cap down onto the post.

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NOTICE: The monitor stick can damages the screen if the is not correctly seated ~ above the post.
Test the track stick come ensure that the lid is sit properly.