Hey any type of of u civilization know just how 2 unlock embarrassy guy? B reason it would certainly b significant help 4 me b reason i unlocked everybody except shy guy sooo plez aid if can!:}

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I don"t think u can, sorry.I recognize that u deserve to unlock Daisy, dry Bones, Waluigi and also stuff, but not awkward Guy.

Shy male Is only Playable In Nintendo Wi-Fi You need to Be The Opponent, yet The Is AnotherWay you Must obtain An action Replay DS

r4 has actually all cheats:r4 is the cheat king.i m sure that if you search this details youll knownow obtain LOST N00B

i can unlock shy guy!!!!! every you have to do is: when you are on DS download all you haveto carry out is press: A B A B B Y X A B! and hold the 2 together & R buttons while her doing it!

Use haven"t also unlocked embarrassy guy due to the fact that you can only obtain him if you"s are on ds downloadand you room versing the other players yet the human being who has actually the game gets to choose acharacter!!!

I acquired sick and tired of everyone saying embarrassy guy have the right to only be offered in ds download play. Iknow just how to unlock him!!! loss all missions, gain 1000 wins ~ above everything, unlock allcups, cars and character-except rob. Go to the final 150cc mirror setting cup and also win the withany character and win it! once it claims rob unlocked eject the game. Climate come ago togrand prix, character select and also u view an arrow pointing down. Climate go perform down and booomshy guy! It can only be red shy guy, and u have the right to only use royale kart and also standard shy guy.Pls do this. It works.For much more proof, walk to youtube search ``how come unlock shy male in 1p mode and also proof! (noaction replay)``



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