: suitable or proper The consciousness concluded with the reading of an apropos poem. The comment, though unexpected, was apropos.

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: with regard to (something) : apropos of Apropos the suggest changes, i think more information is needed.

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as regards toward

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relevant, germane, material, pertinent, apposite, applicable, apropos average relating come or bearing upon the issue in hand. Relevant means a traceable, significant, reasonable connection. found material relevant to her instance germane may additionally imply a fitness because that or appropriateness come the instance or occasion. a point not germane to the conversation material implies for this reason close a relationship that it can not be dispensed with without serious alteration of the case. facts material come the investigation pertinent stress a clear and decisive relevance. a pertinent monitoring apposite suggests a felicitous relevance. add an apposite quotation come the definition applicable says the fitness of pass a general dominion or rule to bear upon a specific case. the preeminence is no applicable in this situation apropos argues being both relevant and also opportune. the quip to be apropos

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English obtained "apropos" indigenous the French expression à propos, precise "to the purpose." due to the fact that it first appeared in 1668, "apropos" has actually been offered as an adverb, adjective, noun, and preposition. Left alone, the word most likely wouldn"t have obtained much attention, however in 1926 detailed language experienced H. W. Fowler claimed that "apropos" should constantly be complied with by "of." due to the fact that then, most commentators have actually felt compelled come take note of the term. Part take Fowler"s reference to be virtually a commandment, but others keep in mind that "apropos" is occasionally used by chin in professionally edited prose, or, an ext rarely, adhered to by "to."

Adjective This quick yet spacious and powerful book … reminds us of the careful and also apropos creating of J.M. Coetzee, W.G. Sebald and also Uwe Timm. — thomas McGuane, New York Times book Review, 24 June 2007 The late Kenneth Koch"s description of Ashbery as "lazy and also quick" continues to be thoroughly apropos; this 61 page-or-two poems can seem brilliantly tossed off, lot like those in his 2000 collection, Your surname Here. The location is suitable too: Chinese Whispers is the British name for the game of Telephone, where children (or adults) gather in a circle and whisper a "secret" indigenous or phrase right into the ear beside them. — Publishers Weekly, 19 Aug. 2002 The ceremony concluded v the reading of an apropos poem. The comment, despite unexpected, was apropos. Adverb ns went up to new York last weekend; apropos, have you viewed your new York cousins lately?

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Recent instances on the Web: Adjective Prince william complemented her look nicely in a environment-friendly velvet suit, i m sorry felt very apropos. — Emily Tannenbaum, Glamour, 17 Oct. 2021 The building"s walls of windows gaze out on the pine tree groves, and also the dining room is oriented about a main open fireplace, making the forest-meets-hearth influence feel particularly apropos. — Lila Battis, Travel + Leisure, 1 Sep. 2021 Mike Zimmer"s cabin motif v game an installed on the walls was apropos. — Nate Davis, USA TODAY, 28 Apr. 2020 As much as the draft not being held in las Vegas is absent out top top a spectacle, the digital version can be far much more apropos for Herbert, who will celebrate from residence with his family. — oregonlive, 23 Apr. 2020 If ever there was an apropos song because that the many unfortunate of end to a season that held so much promise. — oregonlive, 13 Mar. 2020 john gets all the credit transaction for the apropos CROSS THE BORDER and I need SOME room bonuses. — New York Times, 26 Feb. 2020 But, considering the means things unravelled for the Blazers on Thursday, his humor was likewise apropos. — oregonlive, 7 Feb. 2020 The group referred to as itself females to the former (WTTF, an apropos acronym). — Natalie Gontcharova, refinery29.com, 30 Jan. 2020

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