It is no an enig that we love Pokemon right here at We’ve shared our memory of Pokemon Red and Blue, drooled end 3D sprites the the original 151 Pokemon, and even common a practiced easter egg an enig in Pokemon Sword and also Shield.

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Speaking the easter eggs, there’s an virtually forgotten secret hidden in the initial Pokemon Red and also Blue (and Green and also Yellow, i guess) games. It’s in the Celadon video game Corner.

Celadon City is located in main Kanto and also remains a favourite of Pokemon fans play the original games since it felt simply vast at the time. Time has actually eroded that illusion, but compared to the paltry size of Pallet Town, Celadon really did feel choose a substantial city to gain lost in.

Aside from its perceived size, Celadon City was one-of-a-kind for two reasons: the Celadon department Store and also the Celadon video game Corner. Sure, over there was also the headquarters that Celadon Condominiums, the Celadon Hotel, and the city’s Gym Leader, Erika, however all we wanted to do earlier in the day was spend our coins and move on. ~ buying some Pokeballs and also Potions, it was onto the Celadon Game corner to spend some money on the slot machines, long prior to I found online slots. And also lose. Repeatedly. No deposit casino bonuses for me.

Well, that’s if friend didn’t recognize what you were doing. You see, there was a practiced trick to get huge rewards in the Celadon video game Corner. Officially speaking, in the very first generation games, there to be no advantage regardless of which maker you used. Every the slot machines had actually their odds randomly generated each play, with no solitary slot maker being good for every player all the time.


When you very first walk in you’ll note thirty slot machines, v eight of them gift in use, one whereby someone left your keys, one labelled “out of order” and also one labelled “reserved”. Of all of the slot machines, the best is the an equipment in the bottom ideal with the id “1”. The game assigns a lucky ID when you an initial enter the building, which varieties from 0 come 31, however there room 35 machines. What this method is that makers 31 come 35 have higher odds – these are located on the bottom the the left column.

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Here’s the quickest way to victory the Pokemon Red and Blue Celadon City Game corner slot machine:

Enter the Celadon game Corner.Play the slot an equipment in the bottom right-hand corner 5 times.If friend didn’t victory at least twice, leave.Repeat actions 1-3 till you victory at the very least twice. If you win more than twice, store playing till you get in what was referred to as “super-lucky mode” (yes, really). The video game assigns the number 60, which will certainly decrease v every win. There’s additionally a 50% chance that it will certainly switch to 0 after a triple 7, and also a 100% opportunity of switching to 0 if you get three bars.When you get three bars, or lose 5 times in a row, the super-lucky mode is over. Leave the building.Repeat procedures 1-6. Again and also again and also again.

Here’s a video: