When making use of the expression "including yet not restricted to", just how should it it is in punctuated?When used in the following (no punctuation):> There space many tasks including yet not minimal to running jumping and swimmingMy an initial try:> There room many activities including, however not restricted to, running, jumping, and swimming.Then i thought... Perhaps I need another one? Is this, or maybe the previous variation correct?> over there are plenty of activities, including, but not restricted to, running, jumping, and also swimming.Eh, perhaps that"s also many. Walk this justification a colon? Is it grammar correct? v or without the very first comma in parens?> over there are plenty of activities(,) including, but not minimal to: running, jumping, and also swimming.No? climate what about this?> there are many activities, consisting of - yet not limited to - running, jumping, and also swimming.

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Generally speaking "less is more." In this situation the clearest solution is "There room many activities including, but not limited, come running, jumping (,) and swimming.

The "Oxford comma" between "jumping" and also the "and" is optional. If had it plainly distinguishes the 3 separate activities with no potential to think that "jumping and also swimming" is somehow "one activity type" that has both jumping and also swimming.

However, the two different activities of jumping and swimming are unique enough the there is small chance of confuse them together one activity. In this case the "Oxford comma" in parentheses over is additionally not necessary. So complying with the principal of "less is more" ns recommend the simplest and also clearest equipment is "There room many activities including, however not limited, running, jumping and swimming."



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