When it concerns regular passenger cars and SUV, us don’t yes, really think around how large or long they are. All we care around is exactly how safe lock are and also what castle look like. For the many part, any kind of passenger auto you to buy is going to fit in most parking spaces. And, you recognize they won’t be wider than the average lane top top a highway. Well, think it or not, it’s the same way when it involves semi-trucks.

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Semi-trucks room the means most trucking providers transport cargo across the country. Castle haul huge and tiny loads native one coast to the other. They’re additionally used locally to provide things favor furniture and home appliances. Even a consistent moving truck is technically a semi-truck. It’s necessary that every one of these van meet details width demands so they can share the roadway with everybody else.

For the many part, the average semi-truck is about 7 ½ come 8 ½ feet wide. The widest semi-truck would certainly be the lowboy which come in at about 8 feet 6 inches wide. These trucks can’t be much more comprehensive than the or they i will not ~ fit within a highway website traffic lane. Yes, there are some trucks on the roadway that are designated as a “wide load.” but they are few and far between. You’ve probably seen this trucks carrying little sheds and mobile homes. However it’s not basic to acquire a permit for a vast load truck. And you need to make sure your truck has clear brand so other chauffeurs know the it’s no going come fit inside one normal website traffic lane.

Different types of Semi-Trucks and Their Width

There space dozens of species of semi-trucks. However, we’re just going come talk about 6 of castle here. These room the persons used most in the joined States. While several of these are coming to be less popular, for the many part, trucking companies include a range of this in their fleets.

We’ll briefly discuss the different types of semi-trucks, in addition to their average weights and lengths. We’ll offer an idea of what each type is used for and what provides them unique.

Box Truck

These room the species of van you see used by furniture stores and applianc stores. They’re great for relocating sturdy great that aren’t delicate. Most box van are only partially complete when they hit the road. For example, a agency like home Depot may only have actually to provide 4 washers or dryers ~ above a given day. These trucks are perfect for partial loads since you can manage how tightly they’re packed.

Box trucks room chassis cab trucks with an attached cargo area. Castle come in two pieces as opposed to a constant van. They space usually all over from 10-26 feet long and also the mean box van is 7’6” wide. The manufacturers of crate trucks space Ford, Chevy, Dodge and GMC.

Car Hauler


We’ve all viewed these trucks on the road. They carry brand-new or provided cars native the manufacturer to the dealership. Or, they can be supplied to carry vehicles from tow shops to mechanic shops. They are specifically designed to transport vehicles and also nothing else. They can be open up or enclosed and also have one-of-a-kind ramps because that loading. They additionally have special hydraulic solution so girlfriend can change the incline and also height the the ramp. This provides for easy loading and also unloading. Most automobile haulers are about 14-24 feet long and 8’5” wide.

Tanker Truck


These are supplied to carry liquids – generally things favor gasoline. Castle can additionally be used to carry other liquids and also gases. Lock very large and room insulated because of the sensitive nature of their cargo. They’re likewise pressurized. They can bring either solitary or multiple loads. Many tankers are about 39 feet lengthy and about 8’2” wide. Castle can bring anywhere native 5,000 come 11,000 pounds.


These trucks space the ones the carry huge containers, commonly from shipping or rail yards. They’re taken into consideration intermodal haulers. They have tendency to run everywhere from 20-53 feet. These are very huge in China yet are still provided in the U.S. The mean container truck is 7’10” wide.

Flatbed Truck

These van were big in the 1980s but aren’t provided all that much now. They are open so over there is no covering. They can not be provided to transport delicate or high value items. They space usually used to bring heavy loads. Depending on the weather, they deserve to be best or a terrible means to deliver cargo. Lock are around 48-53 feet lengthy and around 8’6” wide. These are the widest of the semi-trucks and also can be very dangerous. Yes no method to guarantee that your cargo i will not ~ slide turn off the earlier of the truck. Nowadays, we check out flatbeds used much more for neighborhood transport 보다 anything else. They’re additionally owned by a many private individuals.

Lowboy Truck


These trucks are much more common in areas like Australia than in the U.S. Yet they are used here. They market two different deck heights for this reason they enable you to carry a wide variety of loads. They are around 12 feet long and 8’5” wide. You can manipulate the deck heights based on the kind of an excellent you’re carrying.

What precisely is a Semi-Truck?


A semi-truck is a combination of a tractor unit and at the very least one semi-trailer to carry cargo. Castle intended come transport products from one place to another. Castle may lug individuals packages or substantial crates and containers. It counts on the trucking firm and what type of shippers they work-related for.

The semi-trailer in reality attaches come the tractor through something referred to as a hitch, otherwise well-known as a 5th wheel. There room all sorts of semi-trucks share the U.S. Highways this days. Few of the more common species are:

Box trucksCar haulersContainer trucksFlatbed trucksLowboysTankers

Most of these room made by companies prefer Caterpillar and also Ford. Yet there space a selection of manufacturers who make semi-trucks in the joined States. Several of these are:

KenworthFreightlinerMackFordVolvoPeterbiltNavistar InternationalCrane carrier Co.

Semi-trucks consist of a huge part of interstate commerce in the U.S. They carry containerized cargo shipments from one place to another. Most of them take trip by roads yet they can additionally be fitted to travel by train and also ship. They room usually refrigerated and heated. Many are ventilated and pressurized. They all come through movable axles that deserve to be adjusted in order come redistribute weight.

Are over there Laws about the width of Semi-Trucks in the U.S.?

There space regulations in the U.S. The dictate how large a semi-truck is allowed to be. The same is true because that truck length, height and also weight. In the united States, no semi-truck is allowed to be much more than 102 inches wide. That converts to 8’6”. This is why us say the Lowboy is the widest truck allowed by law in the U.S.

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The broad does not include the winter or any other special safety equipment. And, specific vehicles room exempt from the width limits. Some of these include:

Special cell phone equipmentSelf-propelled vehiclesRoad building and construction equipment and machinesEmergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucksOther police and fire room equipment

Unlike what we view in the U.S. Through weight permits, you nothing need any type of special permit for a broad exception. If a vehicle falls into the above categories, lock don’t have to fulfill the 102-inch requirement. And, in Hawaii, van are allowed to be approximately 108 inches vast for some reason. This might have miscellaneous to carry out with the size of your lanes or the truth that there are so plenty of open roads. Or, it can be since there are no commonwealth highways in Hawaii.