I speak for the trees and the trees say is a well-known meme phrase from the Dr. Seuss personality The Lorax. The Lorax is a badly developed version the Dr. Seuss and also it has the record phrase ” i am the Lorax and I speak because that the trees ” and also the tree say shut the fuck up “. There room a few other version of this record phrase however the basic is always the same.

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Original version of Dr. Seuss quote:

” ns am the Lorax. Ns speak for the trees. Ns speak because that the trees because that the trees have no tongues.

Dr. Seuss photo below


First illustration of The Lorax – ns speak because that the trees and also the trees say

The badly produced version was very first published top top Tumblr in 2014 and also gained about 70,000 upvotes end the course of 3 years. Yet the an initial edition v the enhancement of ” The trees say closeup of the door the fuck up ” to be only presented in 2015 on Imgur whereby it easily gained popularity and over 6,000 points.


What’s exciting is the the later versions that the meme became much much more popular than the original. With another version post in 2015 ~ above Tumblr v the sport of ” The tree say hit that like button ” and it gained over 160,000 notes really quickly.


Over the next pair of years the meme was posted with different versions and alterations, some instances are when it was posted on on facebook in 2016 and also gained over 3,100 likes and also another variation from a famous Facebook web page where the Lorax to speak ” space Italians white? ”



I to be the Lorax ns speak for the trees and also the tree say spread out on Reddit

When Reddit users started posting the renowned meme, that was the minute when the hit vast spread across the net as us all know that points that get posted on Reddit space going to it is in re-posted across the internet. This taken place in 2017 and also it was posted on various well-known subreddits favor /r/dankmemes.

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Some that the renowned re-posting to be a version of The Lorax giving an ecological speech and also that gained a the majority of popularity.

Another popular instance is that Twitter write-ups ain’t mim ( i beg your pardon we totally agree through ). Are are more examples the the ns speak for the tree meme: