Asimple an approach with one untraditional proportion of water-to-rice in addition to a fewhelpful hintsensures fluffy, perfectly cooked rice every time.

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The basics deserve to be yes, really helpful.

Case in point: too many of human being have inquiry me just how to prepare good rice. An economical pantry staple, rice befuddles many of us, together it regularly turns the end gummy and also sticky when it must be light and fluffy.

Usually, every it take away is a little technique tweaking to end up through the perfect pot the rice, whether short, tool or long grain.

I have been meaning to sell a “Rice 101” because that a while now, kind of prefer the versions I have actually done for quinoa and also millet.

Everyonein my family members adores a heaping plateful the rice, ideally v a little soy sauce sprinkled on top. In fact, my husband considers this the perfect lunch. So simple but so good.

After a virulent stomach virus freshly passed through our family, I had actually no reason not to ultimately share my straightforward how-to. ~ all, the guys barely ate a point for three full days and, as soon as they were ultimately ready come consume other solid, rice to be the just thing that appealed.

So, whether you are cooking rice as one of the BRAT sickness staples (I recently had to define this to my brother-BRAT is one acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce, and also toast-all of which are easy on the GI tract), or just want a perfectly all set side food or base for her favorite Chinese, Mexican, Thai, or Indian meal, the following an approach should set you ~ above the path to perfectly all set grains every single time.

I’ve experiment the process of cooking rice seemingly plenty of numbers the ways, and my finest tips space summed increase below. However first…

Which rice works v this recipe?

Long grain white riceMedium grain white riceWhite basmati rice (small time mediate included)

How carry out I do perfect rice?

Perhaps most importantly, measure up the rice and also water accurately and use a timer. Precision is the ultimate vital to success, and also once you discover the perfect formula, you can replicate it every solitary time. (See photo below for exciting quandary.)Note that this rice will be completely cooked come the al dente stage. If you prefer softer rice, add an additional 2 tablespoons the water at the start.Use a pot v a tight-fitting lid. This will ensure the all the moisture necessary to hydrate the rice continues to be in the pot.Make certain your pot is huge enough. Rice broadens as the cooks, and it will certainly cook much better if the has adequate space. A 2-quart saucepan is what I frequently use for 1 cup the rice. If cooking an ext than 1 cup of rice in ~ a time, you will have actually the many success with a pot that is 4-5 times the water level at the start.“Starve the grain.” The usual proportion we see for cooking rice is 1 cup rice to 2 cup water. I find a proportion of 1 cup rice come 1½ cup water (1¾ cup water for brown rice) leader to a much better result.Do I need to rinse rice? The brief answer is “no.” an ext on that later.Add the rice in addition to the water, not to already boiling water. The former will enable for a slow, also absorption when the last will chef the exterior layer that the rice also quickly.
Once the water pertains to a cook (over tool high heat) and also you sheathe the pot, rotate the heat to low. because that the most even absorption, the water must be at a really gentle simmer.
Avoid remove the lid while the rice is cooking. If you don’t have actually a clear lid, you might peek throughout the critical minute or two.
When the rice is done, remove the pot from the heat, store the lid on, and set your timer for 10 minutes. during this rest, the rice will finish food preparation as the remainingmoisture same distributes chin throughout the rice and also essentially renders the exterior of the grains drier. Fluffing the rice prior to this time has elapsed may an outcome in undercooked rice or rice the is stickier with more clumps.

These measure cups highlight why weighing rice gives the many accuracy. Both space one cup measures and also contain 180 grams (1 cup) the rice. However as you can see, the brown rice concerns the optimal of the cup if the white rice is just about at the ¾ mark. In various other words, sometimes the measuring cup aren’t accurate!

Does water seep out from under the lid if cooking? A enlarge pot or a tighter-fitting lid is likely the solution. The right pot size is 4 to 5 times the water level in ~ the start and deeper rather than wider.

I’ve gone ago and forth on this one end the years, and I have settled on “no.” when rinsing does remove excess starch, which in theory have the right to make the rice stickier, the following technique produces rice that outshines batches I’ve made through rinsed rice.
The exemption would it is in if you purchased rice native a bulk bin. In this case, to wash the rice in a well mesh strainer and drain an extremely well. This will rinse off any dust or debris. Then, as soon as measuring the water, use 2 tablespoons much less to account because that the humidity that stays on the rice.

How much rice need to I chef per person?

Measure a 4 minutes 1 cup the uncooked rice per person, or a half cup per human being for more generous servings. One cup that uncooked rice will certainly yield roughly three cups cooked.

How lengthy will cooked rice keep?

Cooked rice will store well in the frozen refrigerator for several days, so you might prepare that in advance and reheat or make extra for leftovers. Cooked and also refrigerated rice is also perfect for making fried rice.
Cooked and cooled rice may likewise be frozen for around three months. Past that quantity of time, the grains might be slightly mushy when thawed.

How to make the many out that leftovers?

Rice is very absorbent, for this reason leftover rice can end up being dry if it sit for numerous days in the refrigerator, even though it is fine to eat. To refresh it, i sprinkle leftovers lightly with water and then cover with a damp document towel if warming in the microwave. That way, few of the heavy steam permeates the rice and brings it earlier to life.

More rice tips & troubleshooting:

Is the water completely absorbed yet the rice still as well firm? There are number of possibilities. First is measure up correctly. Also a lightly-rounded measure cup will bring about too much rice compared to water. If you don’t have a kitchen scale, shake the measure up cup come make details the rice is totally below the optimal edge the the cup. Second, walk you peek while the rice to be cooking?Lifting the lid allows the heavy steam to to escape which, in turn, can interfere with proper cooking.Was few of the water not absorbed?Avoid remove the panfrom the stove before the fluid is fully absorbed (tilt saucepan to check). 13 minute is the median time because that an median stove, however if your is weaker, it might take 15 to 17 minutes. In addition, don’t skip relaxing the rice for 10 minutes after cooking. During this stage, any kind of residual water will be absorbed!When friend fluff the rice, walk you notification that the bottom that the pan to be scorched? This have the right to mean 2 things. First, the heat could have been also high. Also, save in mental that part burners are more powerful than others and also moving to a smaller burner may help. Second, the pot may be also large, and this will cause the liquid to evaporate too easily inside the pot, which will lead to charred rice.Do you finish up with overflow mess on the stove?Make certain your saucepan is 4 to 5 time the water level and also that it has a hefty lid.Remember come let the rice rest, turn off theburnerand v the pot covered,for 10 minutes. This provides the rice time toabsorbthe steam in the pot and finish cooking.Keep in mind the rice will certainly be a little sticky.While us don’t want our rice to be gluey, mushy, or otherwise overcooked, part of the innate appeal the rice is that hint the starchy stickiness. This technique will an outcome in grains the separate fairly easily, however it’s worth maintaining in mind. This is the nature that rice!

This pot of rice to be over halfway through cooking when I gotten rid of the lid. Once the lid is removed, a great bit of humidity escapes in the kind of steam and may result in inadequate water by the end of the food preparation time.

How perform I solve overcooked or undercooked rice?

If her measuring cup the rice to be on the heavy side or water overflowed from the pot many thanks to a loose-fitting lid, right here are some solutions:

If your rice is also hard and no water remains at the end of the cooking time, include a ¼ cup of water and also return the rice come the stove. Cook on low, covered, for 5 minutes and then remainder for 10 minutes.If the perfect rice is also soft for her liking, friend may have to grin and bear the the first night (and then examine the steps over or email me prior to the following time!). That said, if girlfriend let the rice cool and also then refrigerate that overnight, friend may very well discover that the job old rice is firmer and also tastes rather good. This is due to the fact that the rice naturally dries out over time.

What about Brown and also Sticky or episode Rice?

Though I’ve had adjustments because that brown rice in the recipe below, I like a boiling method for the longer cooking grain. The easy, foolproof method is described in this short article for Best method to chef Brown Rice, and also the resulting grains will be lighter, fluffier, and also plumper as soon as prepared the way.

If you’d prefer to make sticky or episode rice, ns suggest following the an approach described in exactly how to Make sushi Rice.

Although many instructions for cooking rice usage a ratio of one cup that rice to two cups that water, I favor a tiny less liquid. “Starving” the grains, as I choose to say, stays clear of gummy rice and also instead guarantee fluffy, separate grains each and every time.
1 cup (180g) white rice (short, medium, or lengthy grain; check out notes for brown rice and also white basmati rice)1½ cups (12 ounces) water (may substitute broth or stock)Optional: 1 tespoon kosher salt, or come taste, and 1 tablespoon butter (cut into tiny cubes or softened) or olive oil (these enhancements make plain rice taste really an excellent when offered without other sauces)
Add the water, rice, and optional salt to a big saucepan or pot v a tight-fitting lid, and set over tool high heat. When the water is bubbling gently yet evenly and also the surface ar is a little bit foamy, stir as soon as to loosen, and then revolve the warm to low and also cover through the lid.Cook on short for 13 minutes there is no stirring or removing the lid, after i beg your pardon time the water need to all be soaked up (tilt the pot come check) and the rice must be tender.Remove the pot native the heat, and let sit, covered, for 10 minutes. Remove the lid, fluff through a fork, and also stir in optional butter or olive oil. Serve hot.

Cooked rice will save well in the frozen refrigerator for numerous days, for this reason you deserve to prepare it in breakthrough and reheat or make extra for leftovers. Cooked and refrigerated rice is additionally perfect for making fried rice. If leftover rice seems dry, sprinkle lightly through water prior to reheating and/or cover v a damp document towel once warming in the microwave.

You may dual the recipe, but I do uncover that the depth the rice is in the pot, the more challenging it is to cook perfectly.

For brown rice, rise the water come 1¾ cups and also cook for 35 minutes. Monitor the rest of the recipe together written.For white basmati rice, follow the directions for continual white rice (using the exact same 1½ cup of water) and also cook the rice for 12 minutes.


For a flavor twist on straightforward cooked rice, you might enjoy this cooking recipes forCilantro Lime Rice. It pairs well with a wide variety of cuisines, and if you don’t enjoy the flavor of cilantro or simply don’t have any on hand, a an easy lime-infused sports is delicious as well.

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Violet in march 21, 2014 at 12:16 pm

Cooked rice “freezes beautifully” (one of my favorite movie quotes), too. Ns live alone, for this reason I chef up a batch, portion into small baggies as soon as the rice cools off, freeze level (saves space and thaws faster), and I have rice easily accessible for several quick meals.

Ann march 21, 2014 in ~ 12:18 pm

Great suggest and tips, Violet. Thank you because that taking the moment to point out this…and currently I am wonder from i beg your pardon movie that quote came!

Becky march 23, 2014 at 8:22 am

Baking rice likewise yields great results. The takes a small longer, however if I have the range on because that meal ready anyway, I always bake the rice, too. Ns think brown rice transforms out especially great this way. It’s also a nice method to prepare rice in huge quantities.

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Jan Brestovansky august 18, 2021 in ~ 12:50 pm

I make the efforts your method of food preparation rice and it turn out perfect. If I desire to double the rice what should I eat h for. Thank you.

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