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Micropenis symptoms

At birth, a penis that is less than 0.75 inch in length is considered a micropenis. As an adult, a flaccid cock less than 2.75 inches in size is thought about a micropenis. One erect penis is considered a micropenis if it is less than 5 customs in length.


A micropenis establishes during gestation. It will regularly be the only physiological abnormality provided in the pregnancy.

One of the possible causes that this is the low manufacturing of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) throughout the early part of the pregnancy. This is a hormone the stimulates the developing testes to develop testosterone.

After 14 weeks, penile development falls under the influence of one more hormone, recognized as luteinizing hormone (LH), which also stimulates testosterone in the so-called Leydig cells of the testicles. If the manufacturing of one of two people or both of this fetal hormone is impeded, the child's cock length may be affected.

Genetics may also play a role. While there is no single gene that reasons a micropenis, the problem is typically linked to together chromosomal disorders as androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS), Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, and Down syndrome.

There is also evidence that estrogen-basedfertility drugs choose diethylstilbestrol (DES) may cause smaller-than-normal penis size if taken during early pregnancy. While eco-friendly pollutants space a less common cause, some research argues that exposure come chlorinated pesticides throughout pregnancy may reason micropenis and other genital abnormalities in male babies.


In newborns, it is an important that a medical professional takes a proper measurement that the baby's prick when diagnosing micropenis. As opposed to a flaccid prick length (FPL), in i m sorry the dick is to adjust parallel to a ruler, a stretched dick length (SPL) must be supplied as it an ext closely correlates come the erect penis length in boys and men.

For this, the doctor requirements to organize a rigid ruler firmly against the pubis at a right angle. The dick is then hosted at the sides v calipers just below the glans (head) and stretched come its maximum size without pain. More recent syringe-like devices that can be placed over the penis and also suction the organ to its completely stretched size are also available.

Correctly identify a micropenis in babies is vital as it offers the opportunity for a potentially efficient treatment. The medical professional should additionally explore problems commonly connected with a micropenis, including troubles with the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

defining Micropenis

While one SPL of less than 1.9 centimeters is diagnostic the micropenis in full-term newborn, because that older boys and also men, a micropenis is defined by prick length 2.5 conventional deviations (SD) smaller than the mean mean for the age.

As a guideline, the Harriet lane Handbook from john Hopkins University specifies micropenis as follows:

6 come 12 months: less than 2.3 centimeters (0.9 inches)1 to 2 years: much less than 2.6 centimeters (1.02 inches)2 to 3 years: much less than 2.9 centimeters (1.14 inches)3 to 4 years: much less than 3.3 centimeters (1.3 inches)4 come 5 years: much less than 3.5 centimeters (1.38 inches)5 to 6 years: less than 3.8 centimeters (1.5 inches)6 come 7 years: much less than 3.9 centimeters (1.54 inches)7 come 8 years: much less than 3.7 centimeters (1.46 inches)8 come 9 years: less than 3.8 centimeters (1.5 inches)9 to 10 years: less than 3.8 centimeters (1.5 inches)10 to 11 years: less than 3.7 centimeters (1.46 inches)Adult: much less than 9.3 centimeters (3.66 inches)

The variations in mean dick size from period 7 are due to the distinctions in breakthrough as boys strategy puberty. By puberty, that becomes much more difficult to define micropenis by centimeters alone; algorithmic calculations are required until puberty is complete.

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Differential Diagnosis

While the clinical meaning of a micropenis appears to offer a critical roadmap because that diagnosis, that's not always the case. This is particularly true in guys over the period of 8.

In fact, many prepubescent boys carried in by their parents since of an underdeveloped dick rarely have actually a micropenis. In most cases, the boy is either suffering delayed puberty, weight problems (obscuring the dick length with too much pubic fat), or he simply has actually a larger frame compared to an otherwise typical penis.

In situations like these, the ax "inconspicuous penis" might be much more appropriately applied. It may be second to congenital conditions such as penoscrotal webbing (in which the scrotum extends increase the underside of the penis, creating an indistinct junction in between the two) and megaprepuce (in i m sorry the foreskin cannot retract and balloons abnormally).


The treatment of micropenis will certainly vary between children and also adults. Offered that the genitals of babies and toddlers room still developing, testosterone treatment have the right to support cock growth, regularly significantly. Surgical options, when limited, may be explored in boys and men whose penises have reached their maximum growth.

Depending ~ above the treatment plan, the clinical team may incorporate a pediatrician, urologist, endocrinologist, geneticist, or psychologist.

Testosterone therapy

A micropenis deserve to be treated in infants and children with 3 monthly intramuscular (IM) injections of testosterone. Research study has shown that one or 2 courses of three testosterone shots (25 come 50 milligrams) provided in four-week intervals could increase the child's penis size to the reference range for his age.

For a male baby v a micropenis, circumcision have to be delayed until the testosterone treatment is completed. Normally speaking, the therapy is most effective in kids under 3 however may advantage boys up to the period of 8.

sex Reassignment

In the past, young children with a micropenis often underwent gender reassignment surgery, more in an answer to a general social discomfort with tiny penis size rather a real medical need.

Today, that practice has largely subsided, v most professionals questioning the wisdom given the potential advantage of testosterone therapy, the need for lifelong male-to-female hormone treatment in later on life, and also the lack of individual consent.

If pursued, sex reassignment would normally be thought about at a later period when the child has actually the capability to make an informed choice and has undergone comprehensive psychological evaluation.

dick Enlargement surgery

Some guys with a micropenis will opt come undergo dick enlargement surgical treatment (phalloplasty) v varying levels of success. One such operation, referred to as a suspensory ligament release, entails the detachment of the ligament the supports the dick during an erection.

Doing so permits the penis to lied in one obtuse fairly than one acute angle, developing the tardy of higher length. Potential risks include nerve damage, ns of penile sensation, erectile dysfunction, and the retraction of the dick if scar tissue establishes at the incision site. 

Other creates of phalloplasty, such together flap surgical treatment (grafting skin from an additional of the body), space less frequently pursued since they bring a significant risk that complications and may interfere with sexual function.

Other techniques, such together silicone implants (prostheses), artificial dermal fillers, and also subcutaneous fat injections, are more likely to rise the girth fairly than the size of the penis. Even if length gains space achieved, it would only influence the flaccid length, no the erect length, i m sorry would stay the same.

There are likewise commercially marketed cock pumps and stretchers that have actually not demonstrated consistent results in transporting gains in dick length. If achieved, they have tendency to be modest at best. These devices are intended because that males through erectile dysfunction—an completely separate concern.


From a valuable standpoint, micropenis might complicate urination by making it daunting to straight the stream. Numerous men will simply compensate for this by sitting on the toilet as soon as urinating.


On a more far-ranging note, penis length that fewer than 2 inches is connected with a reduced likelihood the conception. Moreover, some guys with a micropenis will have a low sperm count together the an outcome of an basic pituitary disorder. In such cases, assisted reproductive methods are easily accessible to considerably improve one's opportunities of conceiving.

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While there space treatments that may enhance penis size, the reality is that some people will have actually a smaller-than-normal penis. When some civilization assume the this will cause inherent emotional harm, those ideas are more reflective of our social attitudes about penis size fairly than the person's individual experience.

In fact, permanent research has displayed that men with micropenises space no various in how they see their woman self-image compared to males of average or above-average prick size.