A collection of helpful phrases in Jamaican, an English-based creole with influences from languages of West and central Africa spoken mainly in Jamaica.

Note: there is no standard method of assignment Jamaican, and also there are different ways of writing countless words.

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Key come abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, sg = singular (said come one person), pl = plural (said to more than one person).

expression Jimiekn / Patwah (Jamaican)
Welcome Welcome
Hello (General greeting) Ello Hail up Waa gwaan? (What's going on?) Gud day
Hello (on phone)
How space you? Waa gwaan? (What's walking on?) Wat a guh dung? (What's going down?) Weh yuh a seh? (What room you saying?) exactly how yuh stay? (How's your status?) Howdeedo? (How carry out you do?) just how yu feeling?
Reply come 'How room you?' Everyting criss Everyting chef an curry All fruit ripe Mi deh yah, everyting criss Everyting cris n curri Mi irie
Long time no see A long time mi nuh si yuh
What's her name? Wah yuh name?
My name is ... Mi name ...
Where space you from? Frah wha pawt yuh deh?
I'm from ... Mi deh ...
Pleased to satisfy you Nice fi accomplish yuh
Good morning (Morning greeting) Gud mawnin
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting)
Good evening (Evening greeting) Gud evening Gud evenling
Good night Gud nite
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Mi gaan (I'm gone) Likkle much more Likkle much more den Inna di morrows (In the tomorrows) walk good
Good luck! Gud luck
Cheers! an excellent Health! (Toasts offered when drinking)
Have a pretty day
Bon appetit / have a quite meal
Bon voyage / have a good journey
Yes Yes Yah Yeh
No No
I don't know Mi nuh nuo
I understand Zeen Mi undastan Mi ovastaan
I don't understand Mi nuh undastand
Please speak an ext slowly
Please say the again
Please compose it down
Do you speak English? Do yuh speak english?
Do girlfriend speak Jamaican? Do yuh speak Patwah? Yuh know exactly how fi conversation Patwah?
Yes, a little(reply come 'Do girlfriend speak ...?')
Speak to me in Jamaican
How carry out you say ... In Jamaican?
Excuse me Jus a native Beg yuh happen (Can ns pass?)
How lot is this? Oomuch fi dis?
Sorry Hush
Please A beg yuh
Thank you Tanks Thenk yuh
Reply to thank you
Where's the restroom / bathroom? Weh ah de bawtroom?
This gentleman will certainly pay for everything
This lady will certainly pay for everything
Would you choose to dance with me?
Do girlfriend come here often?
I miss you Mi miss out on yuh
I love you Mi luv yuh
Get fine soon
Go away! Gweh!
Leave me alone! Galang!
Help! Help!
Fire! Fiah!
Stop! Stop!
Call the police! Call di police!
Christmas greetings Merri crissmuss
New Year greetings Appy brand-new year
Easter greetings Happy easta
Birthday greetings Happy earthstrong Happy birthday
One language is never ever enough One language neva enuff
My hovercraft is complete of eels

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