It take away guts to take it on a tune that to be made renowned by a powerhouse voice, and also most world honestly shouldn"t be that gutsy. You want to sing a Mariah Carey song? an excellent luck. Celine Dion? Rethink it. How around a Dolly Parton epic made even more famous by Whitney Houston? Oh, honey. Simply no.

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So the idea of a guy with a lone guitar smashing a rendition of "I Will always Love You," complete with several of Whitney Houston"s vocal stylings—especially a guy in a flannel shirt singing live on a tiny stage—just appears so unlikely. And yet that"s exactly what josh Weathers go in 2011 when he carry out the tune at Dallas"s Kessler Theatre. Through a capacity of 150 come 500, few people acquired to actually check out this power live, yet thankfully the theatre posted that on YouTube, where it"s had more than 2.6 million views.

Weathers explains before singing the tune that his mom had actually loved the movie soundtrack because that "The Bodyguard," which contained "I Will constantly Love You." He said it to be his mom"s birthday the day, and though she to be no longer below he want to sing it for her. And also that that did, with an easy beauty, power, and emotion.

Just watch:

josh Weathers in ~ The Kessler theater in Dallas, Texas

Weathers has incredible manage of his vocals in this tune that"s notoriously complicated to sing. And also while the Whitney Houston version contains a scan orchestral arrangement behind it as it reaches the most powerful sections, Weathers only has his lone guitar. And it works. The chord change. That falsetto. Phew.

Here"s come talented and also skilled musicians constantly blowing us away.

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I walked into course on a Friday reasoning that i would just learn exactly how to handle a person trying to rob me, and I walked the end on a Sunday evening through a voice so an effective that I could handle the most passive assaults to mine being, together with physical attacks."

It didn"t take lengthy for she to notice the difference the course was make in her life.

"I was setup boundaries and people to be either respecting them or not, but I was able to recognize who to be worth keeping in mine life and also who wasn"t," she says.

Following the class, she likewise joined a roller derby league where she met plenty of other powerful women who motivated her — and also during the summer, she uncovered the ship to leaving her abuser.

"As afraid together I was, I lastly had the courage come report the abuse to legal authorities, and I had the assistance of friends and family who provided comfort because that my children and I during this time," she says.

A lot of of change happened in ~ once. As a newly single mom, she finished up leave med school and also transferring to a tech school to discover a trade. And because she knew what her abuser was capable of, she take it a many precautions to store herself and also her family members safe.

"I worked and studied hard while my children were in daycare and also school, invested the evenings cooking & cleaning, and studied again when the kids were in bed. After two years of classes, month of clinical rotations, and becoming alumni in ~ the mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, I graduated as a operation Technologist and also began functioning full-time," she remembers.

"It took a couple of years for my nerves to completely relax, however they lastly did. It was so remarkable to me how empowering it to be to support for myself, I never ever stopped."

She moved earlier to the preventive in 2015 to work for the health service and also to be roughly family again.

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"Within my very first week of gift home, ns noticed so lot violence that I when thought was common behavior," she says. "One morning, I obtained a phone call notifying me that my childhood girlfriend was beaten and left for dead by she children"s father; she was flown out to the nearest ICU and also taken in for surgical procedure for a hematoma in she skull."

"I knew something had actually to it is in done around this."

Domestic abuse is a huge problem top top reservations choose Shanda"s. Much more than four in five American Indian and Alaska indigenous women and men have experienced violence in your lifetime, and an ext than one in three knowledgeable violence in the past year.

She spoke v several neighborhood members about the violence she to be seeing, yet she uncovered they were rapid to reference the victim. That"s as soon as it emerged to her: "What if I started a self-defense course for indigenous women?" Shanda says. So she referred to as up her former instructor, uncovered a group of instructors, and also attended an additional class through her brand-new team. And from there they established their very own chapter.

"IMPACT is being used anywhere the world, yet has never been available to Indigenous communities until now," she says. "Currently, our team consists of 4 core members; two suit instructors and two female command instructors, all indigenous members of our Turtle hill Band the Chippewas. All members are active in empowering our community in plenty of ways."

"During the closing one in our workshops, us all gain to check out the toughness and revolution these women functioned so hard for. We obtain to watch them take their power back from those who hurt them."

And that is why Shanda is being named one that Tory Burch"s "Empowered Women" this year. The $5000 donation will certainly be do to influence to aid them bring impact to more indigenous communities across the country and also further their mission to assist Native women recognize and also protect us from physical violence.

"Empowering women should be as common as knowing how to perform CPR," Shanda says.

"Truth is, I recognize what it feels choose to be on both sides of empowerment. I recognize the fear, pain, and humiliation the comes with domestic violence, sex-related assault, trauma, and also PTSD and I acknowledge it in mine students," she continues.

"I likewise know what that feels favor to step out of the proverbial cage. To have the ability to breathe freely. To speak freely. Come walk the planet in a an excellent and healthy and balanced way. I wish this freedom and also empowerment because that every human on earth."

To learn an ext about Tory Burch and"s Empowered Women routine visit Nominate an inspiring woman in your ar today!