Our homemade ice cream is make on the basic in little batches for fantastic quality control. We start with a 14% butterfat mix from our dairy, Upstate Farms. Us then include the best ingredients available – from under the road and around the civilization – to produce our flavors.

Please keep in mind that countless flavors room seasonal and not available at every times, yet there are always specialties because that you to enjoy.

Come in for limitless sampling!

These Flavor category are obtainable Every day (flavor might be a variation of the category)

VanillaChocolateMochaPeanut ButterCoffeeFruit

Complete list of flavors (click here to check out wine sorbets below)

* Gluten totally free Flavors



Banana *

Banana ice cream cream made through fresh bananas

Banana seed Fudge

Our new banana ice cream cream through walnuts and fudge swirl


Our new banana ice cream cream v Oreo

Beary cotton Candy

Black Raspberry*

Made v black raspberry puree

Blue Hawaiian *

Coconut based ice cream cream v Blue Curacao Liquor

Blueberry *

Blueberry ice cream chockful the blueberries


Blueberry Almond *

Blueberry ice cream through almonds

Blueberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake flavored ice cream cream through blueberry swirl and graham cracker pieces

Butter Pecan

Delicious buttered pecans in butter pecan ice cream cream

Butterscotch *

Butterscotch ice cream cream through butterscotch swirled throughout

Cake Batter Supreme

Made with yellow cake mix and a fudge swirl

Cantaloupe *

Made with in your ar grown cantaloupes

Cherry Jubilee *

Vanilla ice cream with dark cherry halves and chocolate chunks

Cherry Vanilla *

Vanilla ice cream cream with lots of maraschino cherry halves

Chilifest chocolate (Seasonal) *

Chocolate ice cream through chili powder

Chipitty Chocolate

Our chocolate ice cream with cacao chunks

Chocolate *

A dark coco ice cream using the ideal Dutch cocoa and also dark chocolate

Chocolate Almond *

Our chocolate ice cream with roasted almonds

Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake flavored ice cream cream v graham cracker pieces

Chocolate Chunk *

Vanilla ice cream with coco chunks

Chocolate Marshmallow *

Our chocolate ice cream through a marshmallow swirl

Chocolate Mint Cookie

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate mint cookies

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel

Chocolate ice cream with swirls that chocolate and peanut butter v delicious peanut butter pretzel balls included throughout

Chocolate Raspberry Cheescake

Cheescake flavored ice cream cream through raspberry and fudge swirl and also graham craker pieces

Cinn-ful *

Cinnamon ice cream cream with pralines and a caramel swirl

Cinnamon *

ice cream flavored through ground cinnamon

Coconut *

Creamy coconut based ice cream v shredded coconut


Coconut Almond Fudge *

Coconut ice cream cream v almond pieces, chocolate chunks and chocolate fudge swirl

Coffee *

If you’re a coffee lover you will certainly love this strong coffee flavored ice cream cream through freshly ground coffee “specs” added

Coffee Cup *

A light coffee ice cream through chopped peanut butter cups added throughout

Coffee & Toffee *

Cookie Dough

Vanilla ice cream with cookie dough pieces and chocolate chunks

Cookies & Cream

Vanilla ice cream through cream filled cacao cookie

Cotton candy *

Cotton liquid flavored ice cream cream through either pink or blue food coloring

Creme Caramel *

Caramel based ice cream through a caramel swirl

Crunchy Grasshopper

Ice cream with Creme de Menthe for flavor and chocolate mint cookie pieces throughout

Dark Cherry Sorbet *

Made through pureed ice cherries

Egg Nog (seasonal)

Egg nog ice cream cream v nutmeg

Fluffer Nutter *

Our scrumptious peanut butter ice cream with a marshmallow swirl

German chocolate *

German chocolate based ice cream cream with German cacao chunks, coconut and also pecan pieces

Gianduia *

Chocolate ice cream through hazelnut pieces and also chocolate chunks

Ginger Snap

Our premium ice cream cream make by juicing new ginger root and adding pieces the ginger snap cookies

Good Life Ginger *

Our premium ice cream cream made by juicing fresh ginger source from an excellent Life farm in Interlaken,NY

Green Tea *

Green Tea Flavored ice cream cream

Grape *

Grape ice cream cream made with locally grown concord grapes

Hazelnut *

Hazelnut base v chopped hazelnuts

Holiday Cherry Vanilla (seasonal) *

Vanilla ice cream with numerous red and also green maraschino cherry halves

Irish Cream *

Vanilla ice cream cream v Irish Cream liqueur

Itty Bitty PB piece *

Jalapeno Popper (seasonal) *

A cream cheese flavored ice cream cream through pureed jalapeno peppers and a raspberry habanero pepper sauce swirl

Key Lime Pie

Made with real crucial lime juice and graham cracker pieces

Lavender *

Made through organic lavender

Lemon Sorbet *

Made v juice of fresh lemons and also lemon zest


A black licorice flavored ice cream

Mango *

Made v the best Mango puree

Maple Bacon *

Maple ice cream using new York State maple syrup and also caramelized bacon

Maple Chestnut *

Maple ice cream v roasted chestnuts indigenous Goosewatch Winery

Maple Walnut *

Maple ice cream using brand-new York State maple syrup and also walnuts

Mint coco Chunk *

Mint ice cream (we use white mint) through lots of chocolate chunks

Mocha Almond Fudge *

Our mocha ice cream through almond pieces and also a fudge swirl

Mocha chocolate Chunk *

Mocha ice Cream invited with chocolate chunks

Mud Pie

Mocha ice cream Cream through graham cracker pieces and fudge swirl

Mudslide *

No Doze *

Mocha ice cream with pieces of cacao covered coffee beans

Nut Brown Ale

Beer flavored ice cream made v Ithaca Brewery nut Brown Ale

Nutty nut Brown Ale

Nut Brown Ale ice cream through honey roasted peanuts

Orange Pineapple *

An orange pineapple flavored ice cream cream through a pineapple swirl

Orange Sorbet *

Made with Orange juice and orange zest

Passionate Peanut Butter Cup *

Peach Cobbler

Made with actual peaches and graham cracker pieces

Peachy crawl *

Made with genuine peaches

Peppermint liquid (seasonal) *

Peppermint ice cream v red and also green peppermint candies

Pina Colada Sorbet

Coconut flavored sorbet through pieces of pineapple

Pistachio *

Pistachio flavored ice cream cream v no man-made coloring, and also loads that pistachio pieces

Pralines & Cream

Delicious candy coated pecans in a butter pecan ice cream base v a caramel swirl

Pumpkin *

Taste’s just like mom’s pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Taste’s similar to mom’s pumpkin pie

Purple Cow *

Black raspberry ice cream cream with chocolate chunks

Red Raspberry *

Made with real red raspberries

Red, White & Blueberry (seasonal) *

Vanilla ice cream cream through a strawberry and also blueberry swirl


Rocky roadway *

Our rich chocolate ice cream v almonds, mini marshmallows and a marshmallow swirl

Rum Raisin *

Ice cream through rum soaked golden raisins

S’ mores

Vanilla ice cream with mini marshmallows, chocolate chunks, graham cracker pieces plus fudge and also marshmallow swirls

Sea Salt Caramel *

Caramel base ice cream v a caramel swirl and sea salt

Spiced to apologize *

Tastes like apple pie

Strawberrry *

Strawberry ice cream through pieces the strawberries

Strawberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake flavored ice cream with strawberry swirl and graham cracker pieces

Strawberry Shortbread

Vanilla based ice cream with pieces that shortbread cookies and a strawberry swirl

The O.C. *

Tiger Strips *

Orange Flavored ice cream cream with a fudge swirl


Just prefer the dessert!! Espresso based ice cream v Marsala wine soaked Lady Fingers and chocolate chunks

Ultimate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate ice cream cream through homemade brownie pieces, cacao chunks and also fudge swirled throughout

Vanilla bean *

We use the finest Madagascar vanilla and also vanilla “specs” to make this awesome flavor

Vanilla Fudge *

Our vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl

Watermelon Sorbet *

A an extremely refreshing flavor made with fresh watermelon


White cacao ice cream v white coco chunks and red raspberry swirled throughout

White Gold

Vanilla ice cream with cookie dough pieces, white chocolate chunks and also caramel swirled throughout

White out *

Vanilla ice cream cream through white coco chunks

White Russian (seasonal)

If you prefer the drink you’re sure to favor this flavor make with genuine Vodka and Kahlua, and white cacao chunks