Hello everyone. Ns remember once I was a typical weight the I always felt like my foot were favor tree trunks - I understand what a thin body is in terms of measurements for me - i look perfect at about 36, 27, 36 (and I"m really close to that now), yet I have actually no idea what slim thighs measure and nowhere I"ve googled has actually a satisfactory answer! so my question to you is what do thin thighs measure?

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Sarah Visit my blog for (almost) the totality storyhttp://keepoffthearse.wordpress.com jan 7th 2007 18st 2 and also 42in belt - size 24Got to goal on august 12th 2007...10st and also size 8-10Second complete attempt started March 10th 2011 week 1: 10lbsWeek 2: 4.5lbsWeek 3: 4lbsWeek 4: 3lbsWeek 5: 4lbsWeek 6: 3.5lbsWeek 7: 5lbsWeek 8: 4lbsWeek 9: 2.5lbs mainly 10: 0.5lbs main 11: 8lbsWeek 12: 2lbsWeek 13: 810: +2lbs (was 100%) mainly 14: 6lbsWeek 15: 1lb mainly 16: 4lb main 17: 4lbWeek 18: 3lbWeek 21: 7lb (Week 21 = 810)1st 7.5lbs - 21.5lbs in 4 weeks2st 10lbs - 38lbs in 8 weeks3st 9lbs - 51lbs in 12 weeks4st 4lbs - 60lbs in 16 weeks5st 4lbs 74lbs in 21 weeksWeek 21 dimension 12 - 13 BMI clues lost12.5 inches waist 12.5 inches hips 9 inch bust
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When i was at institution (more 보다 25 years earlier now
) someone had a magazine write-up which encountered "the perfect leg" (?). According to the write-up (if i remember correctly) the thigh need to be 19 inches, calf 12 or 13 and also not sure about the fish eye - about 7? we all invested a having lunch hour measuring ours legs. For some reason this has actually stuck in my mind, probably because my thighs were the "correct" dimension then and I feel relieved. I have actually no idea what they measure now and do no intend to uncover out!! This simply shows the the body picture obsessions that teenage girls room not a recent development.