When three or much more lines, rays, or segments crossing in one point, they are called concurrent lines, rays, or segments. The allude of intersection is referred to as the suggest of concurrency.If you construct the perpendicular bisector of each side of a triangle, the lines, rays, or segments will certainly intersect in specifically one point called the circumcenter. The circumcenter the a triangle is the allude where the perpendicular bisectors on each side the a triangle intersect.

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The circumcenter might lie inside, on, or external the triangle. If the triangle is acute, the circumcenter lies inside the triangle. If the triangle is a best triangle, the circumcenter lies top top the triangle. If the triangle is obtuse, the circumcenter lies external the triangle.
Perpendicular lines are lines that fulfill at right angles with the measure of a appropriate angle gift 90∘.This situation implies that the legs of a right triangle room perpendicular to every other.

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Circumcenter TheoremThe circumcenter the a triangle is equidistant native the vertices of the triangle.Given: Lines, p, q, and also r are perpendicular bisectors that AB¯, BC¯ comma AB¯¯¯¯¯, BC¯¯¯¯¯,AB¯, BC¯, and also CA¯ CA¯¯¯¯¯CA¯ , respectively.Prove: ad equals BD equates to CD AD=BD=CD
A perpendicular bisector is perpendicular come a line segment and also passes through the midpoint the the heat segment.A circumcenter is the allude at which the perpendicular bisectors of each side the a triangle intersect.When three or much more lines, rays, or heat segments crossing at a usual point, they are claimed to be concurrent.A circle is circumscribed about a triangle if each vertex that the triangle lies on the circle.