From offer beer come elephants to eating peanuts in church, we"ve rounded increase the weirdest, wackiest food laws from across the country.

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In little Rock, Arkansas, the is against the law to honk a automobile horn in prior of a sandwich shop after ~ 9 p.m. We’re not completely sure that the factor for this legislation, but we agree it’s simpler to end up a late-night sandwich (including my favorite!) there is no a symphony the honks in the background.


In the gold State, a frog that has participated in a frog jumping competition cannot legally be eliminated (or, by extension, eaten). Apparently, these contests space a renowned polliwog pastime for part Californians, who have actually tried in vain every year because 1986 to break the document of a frog referred to as Rosie the Ribeter.


If you’re yearning come wake up to the crow of a rooster, don’t work out down in Louisville, Colorado. In this Boulder ar town, it’s illegal to own these loudmouthed foul. However don’t ruffle her feathers just yet, due to the fact that the city does enable residents to very own as plenty of as 3 turkeys. Here’s wherein to walk if girlfriend hit the road in Colorado.


In Connecticut, they speak a pickle isn’t a pickle uneven it can bounce. One believed is the this keeps merchants from selling expired or subpar pickles. Is the idea equal components kooky and clever? Definitely. Is it an yes, really law, or walk it stay unwritten? Well, that inquiry leaves us in a pickle. (Find our choose for the ideal store-bought dill pickles.)


Grab a checkered blanket and also an beloved picnic basket, and also then take it a few big steps away from the road in Fenwick Island, Delaware, where it’s illegal to have actually a picnic top top the highway! the this law exists makes us wonder whether beforehand Delawareans were ahead that the curve once it pertains to street food.


In Miami Beach, it’s against the regulation to sell any food—even the state’s commemorated citrus—from open-air stands. Orange girlfriend glad you deserve to still buy new fruit in ~ the neighborhood (indoor) market? shot a pair of our favorite citrus ranges in this favorite recipe because that Florida Citrus Meringue Pie.


In Gainesville, Georgia, additionally known as the Poultry capital of the World, chicken need to be consumed with the hands instead of a fork and also knife. This regulation was intended to be a prank, yet at one allude the regional police room jokingly developed an ordinance to do it official. Discover the finest friend chicken joint in all 50 states.


For a while, it was illegal to have much more than one alcoholic drink in prior of you at a time. Today, however, Hawaiians can double-fist your adult beverages similar to the rest of us. Legislators determined to repeal the regulation in 2014 after they realized their well-intended ordinance to slow alcohol consumption actually caused civilization to chug drinks as quick as they can in stimulate to obtain a second.


People favor to say it’s illegal come fish from a camel’s back in Idaho, i m sorry is technically true, yet the actual regulation prohibits fishing from the back of any animal. This legislation was initially meant to dissuade horseback riders, yet the alternatives (like camels) room fun come imagine, too.


In Chicago, the is illegal to eat in a ar that is top top fire, for this reason if you’re dining in the publicly City and your table is on fire, make sure you contact both the fire department and also the police. (If your mouth is the only thing on fire, however, it’s most likely a authorize to slow-moving down top top the spicy jalapeno poppers.)


There’s nothing much more satisfying than a summertime slice of watermelon, however it’s in reality illegal to eat lock in the parks that Beech Grove, Indiana. Parks staff come up v the ordinance after ~ realizing that watermelon rinds regularly punched with garbage bags and also caused messes. Luckily, the regulation doesn’t point out this watermelon slush.


In 1967, the town of Indianola banned ice cream cream van from roaming that is streets. Happy for town residents, there’s a quite easy means to make ice cream in your own kitchen.


In Derby, Kansas, it’s illegal come hit a vending machine. C’mon, people…there’s no need to gain riled increase over loose change as soon as you have the right to make her favorite junk food in ~ home.


Remember the weird ice-cream-cone-in-a-back-pocket law listed for Alabama above? It’s a law in Kentucky and Georgia, too.


In Louisiana, you can’t order goods and services come be ceded to a human without your consent. That way no prank pizzas! Luckily, we have plenty of far better pizza gift ideas.


Maine is serious about their shell chowder—so severe that a regulation prohibiting the use of tomato in seashells chowder was at one point given significant consideration. Real brand-new Englanders will appreciate ours contest-winning take on this delicious soup.


Speaking that seafood, you’d far better be mindful what you do with those extra shells. If the state that Maryland motivates the recycling of oyster shells, there room a few things you can’t execute with them. For one, girlfriend can’t feed them come chickens—and you’re additionally not allowed to usage them together road construction materials. Luckily, that’s one of the last points on our minds as soon as it concerns making and also eating oysters Rockefeller.


If you’re beginning a pig farm yard in Detroit, you either have to have solid fences or bejeweled swine, because it’s illegal to let pigs run loosened in the motor City without ring in their noses.


Meat eaters, take it note: Hamburgers space illegal top top Sundays in St. Cloud. If friend indulge in among our optimal 10 burger recipes, be certain to execute it very, an extremely sneakily. Us promise we won’t call anyone.


In 2013, Mississippi passed the Anti-Bloomberg invoice to balance out the influence of a nationwide nutrition-labeling law. In the rest of the country, it’s illegal to serve massive section sizes (think supersize sodas) in ~ restaurants—but in Mississippi, diners might indulge to their hearts’ content.


If you to be hoping come get more than simply yourself intoxicated at your following circus visit, don’t gain your really hopes up because that Natchez, Missouri: In this town, it’s illegal to administer beer to elephants. Probably they’d like a trunk complete of champagne or circus peanuts?


We discovered nothing to assistance the oft-repeated insurance claim that it’s illegal because that unmarried ladies to walk fishing alone in the endowment State. (If together a regulation does exist, it’s archaic, obsolete and also definitely sexist—so grab her bait and also tackle, ladies, and have in ~ it!)


Welcome come the Cornhusker State, wherein it’s illegal because that bar owners to offer alcohol uneven they’re simultaneously food preparation up a kettle the soup. If you’re feather to to fill up on much more than just Bud Light, questioning if there’s any kind of chicken noodle ~ above hand.


In Nyala, Nevada, a guy may no buy drink for much more than three other world at any kind of one duration of the day. We’re reasonably sure this one only applies to alcohol, however just to be safe, if the entirety family desires lemonades, send Mom. Check out the best craft beer in Nevada.

New Hampshire

Late-night episode lovers, we have bad news for you: In new Hampshire, that is illegal come harvest seaweed at night. You’ll need to head come this popular regional fast food chain instead.

New Jersey

Before friend dive into a bowl of bisque in the Garden State…have girlfriend heard that brand-new Jersey does not permit the slurping of soup? (Not come encourage perhaps illegal behavior, but we think this soups are entirely slurpable.)

New Mexico

In ras Cruces, new Mexico, don’t get recorded carrying a lunchbox down key Street—even if it’s a supervisor cool lunch box, prefer these. This rule is a actual head-scratcher, however we listen it’s designed come encourage folks to patronize area restaurants.

New York

Until 2016 in new York City, it to be illegal to have actually booze with brunch. Today, however, we have the right to celebrate through all type of mid-morning mimosa opportunities. Us love this reader-submitted Orange-Apricot Mimosa Punch.

North Carolina

Taking grease indigenous restaurant kitchens is a punishable offense. The an ext grease friend steal, the worse the consequences!

North Dakota

It’s said that beer and also pretzels can’t be served at the same time in any kind of North Dakota bar or restaurant, yet this legend stems from a misreading that the law. So, walk ahead, phibìc Dakotans—eat your beer pretzels. Despite what you might’ve heard, the law can’t protect against you.


In Marion, Ohio, it’s illegal to eat a doughnut while go backward. They’d most likely prefer us eat buckeyes (backward and forward), considering they’re in the Buckeye State.


In Oklahoma, the is no permissible to take a bite of one more person’s hamburger. Why isn’t this a law everywhere? Oklahoma, you’re top top the ideal track, particularly if it’s a burger from Nic’s Grill.


We’ve been told it’s verboten to eat ice cream on Sunday in Oregon. True or not, we’re simply glad the state’s well known Marionberry Pie is still 100% okay.


In the borough the Ridley Park, you room not allowed to eat peanuts while go backwards in front of the Barnstormers Auditorium throughout a performance. This could be the oddest (and most specific!) dominion on ours list.

Rhode Island

Ever had actually the urge to litter pickle juice top top a trolley? Apparently, who in Rhode Island did. As far as we know, this act has only to be outlawed in Rhode Island, however we think it’s in poor taste no matter the state.

South Carolina

In Spartanburg, southern Carolina, eat watermelons in the Magnolia Street Cemetery is forbidden. Unequal in Indiana’s parks, whereby the plastic-bag-puncturing strength of the rinds to be to blame, Magnolia Street took this step to deter undesirable watermelon vines native sprouting up on cemetery grounds.

South Dakota

As for weird food laws in south Dakota, many believe it’s illegal come sleep in a cheese factory there. While there’s some truth to this, the actual law is much less specific, prohibiting sleeping in any area wherein food is prepared or noted in fixed quantities. (Alas, this means candy factories are off-limits, too.)


In the Volunteer State, the is illegal to capture fish through anything various other than a rod and also reel, which defines an amusing admonishment against fishing Tennessee’s waters with a lasso. Despite lasso fishing gift forbidden, we recognize we’d like to check out someone try (though possibly in a state with an ext relaxed lasso laws).


There’s a many of an excellent food to be had in the Lone Star Sate—just take a gander at our roundup that the ideal Texan foods! A warning, however: It may be illegal to offer Limburger cheese in Houston on a Sunday. Limburger has earned its reputation as among the world’s stinkiest cheeses, so if this one’s true, we’re no complaining.


Calling 911! It’s illegal in Utah to offer alcohol during a government-declared emergency. So no Fireball during a fire, no Mudslides throughout a mudslide, and…well…you acquire the picture. This one is more than likely for the best.


In an initiative to prop up the butter industry, such claims as vermont once required margarine suppliers to dye your product off-putting color to do its difference from butter obvious and also discourage human being from buying it. Imagine seeing bright pink margarine in ~ the store! Here’s the actual difference in between butter and also margarine.


In Hampton Roads, Virginia, kids over the period of 13 might not walk trick-or-treating. Together a consolation to those kids, everyone knows the homemade treats in ~ Halloween parties room better.


While there’s a myth the Washington state has banned every lollipops, actual legislation remains silent on the subject. However even if difficult candy suckers yes, really were a no-go, you could probably still gain away with making cake pops.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, it’s legal to take it roadkill residence for dinner. Battered rabbit burger, anyone?


What do Wisconsin students, inmates and also patients have actually in common? public schools, jails and hospitals room not permitted to feed them margarine. Every state law, these groups may not be fed butter substitutes unless the substitution is essential for their health. Sound pretty weird, but this legislation was placed in place to defend the butter market in America’s Dairyland.

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Last yet not least, Wyoming has actually prohibited fishing from aircraft—so if you were planning come hook your seafood dinner native on high, you’ll have to go come some various other state. This shouldn’t protect against you native making Wyoming cowboy cookies, though.

What did girlfriend think of these odd food laws? space there any type of we missed? any type of you especially agree with? ones you desire to break?

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