Once top top a time i was a real reporter, as I have mentionedbefore. I covered cops and courts and fires and also people beating upon each other. But that wasn"t mine bag. I chose the non-violentthings the are more fun, favor this story of a absent Island guy andTootsie roll Pops.

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The sweet moral of all this, if over there is any kind of moral, is the somebig corporations have actually an unshaking care about the legend of theirproduct.

First, come a call this week native Michael Hansen of rock Island,an Alcoa employee and a grown guy who tho loves Tootsie RollPops. He remembers, together a kid, anxiously unwrapping Tootsie Pops. Ifthe within of the wrapper had an Indian, shoot a star in ~ the tipof his arrow, he would provide the wrapper to Weigandt"s imperial BlueStore in Moline and also they would hand that a totally free Tootsie RollPop.

To this day, every now and also then, Mike will spot an Indian —rarely, though — top top the inside of the wrapper, all of sudden tuckedin with drawings of kids on trikes or playing basketball or rollerskating. Psychic you, simply occasionally, an Indian, which mystifiedMike.

Mike created Tootsie Roll sectors in Chicago, asking around thisIndian business. Promptly, he received a letter telling all the everwanted to know. Claimed Libby Timmons, the the company"s room ofconsumer affairs.

"We have always tried to do our wrappers interesting. Thepictures inside the wrappers have readjusted from time-to-time, butthe Indian (just on some wrappers, for a reason) has actually held his placefor many, plenty of years. Around 50 year ago, a rumor surfaced that anywrapper reflecting the Indian can be sent to our firm for aprize. Our records do not show we ever before sponsored one Indianpromotion, but from it all the `Legend of the Indian" has actually becomepart of this corporation."

The legend is long and also detailed by Tootsie role Industries,Inc., and also it can be the topic of a children"s book, however here isa sweet version:

Long ago, every lollipops were made alike. They to be flat,non-descript, yet one enterprising candymaker made his in the shapeof stars. Still, he wanted to execute better. He want to figure out far to placed chewy candy inside. That tried everything, however nothingwould work.

One night, if asleep, a flash of light appeared in hisbedroom and also lo, there was a cool Indian chief laugh at him. Thechief promised to assist him make a lollipop through a chewy inside, ifhe would promise to never stop make them because that children. Thecandymaker promised.

As the legend go the chief smiled, walked come the open windowwhere the twinkling of a bright solitary star appeared in the sky.The chief shoot a magical arrowhead at the star, watching with a smilethe arrow"s flight. Over there was another flash of light, and theIndian chief disappeared, and in place of the star, there appeareda full moon.

Confused, the candymaker rushed to his shop in the middle of thenight. Every his star-shaped lollipops had disappeared. In theirplace were numerous round lollipops v chewy inside candycenters, which the Indian Chief had actually put inside, just as that hadpromised. Well, from the day on, the guy has always had lollipopswith a chewy candy inside center. However legend has it that when inawhile, the grand chief goes to the candyman"s shop to randomlycheck if the man had continued to store his promise. The "IndianWrapper" is authorize that the cool chief has personally confirm thatparticular lollipop for the chewy center.

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"Well, just how the Tootsie Pops gain their chewy candy facility isstill a secret. Some say it"s magic, however however the is done, youcan be sure of one thing, the grand Chief shooting Star, willalways make certain that the man continues to do Tootsie role Popswith your chewy candy centers.

"Since we enjoy them so much, aren"t we all type of happy thatthe chief quiet cares?" and also the that company communique is signed…




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