A navel piercing is a stylish highlight for her tummy, but what wake up if you’re pregnant? Learn just how to care for her belly switch piercing throughout pregnancy.

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A belly button piercing is a sexy and stylish highlight for your tummy, however what happens to the if you’re pregnant? deserve to you save your belly button piercing together your belly starts come grow? We’re below to answer your questions around pregnancy ship piercings.


Can I save My Belly switch Ring If I’m Pregnant?

In general, the answer is yes, you have the right to keep her belly button ring during pregnancy as lengthy as the piercing is totally healed (i.e. At least 2-3 months old). As lengthy as the piercing is healthy, clean, and also comfortable, there is no reason to take out your belly button jewelry. But you shouldn’t gain a brand-new belly switch piercing — or any type of piercing — while you room pregnant, together it could unnecessarily expose you and also your baby to bacteria and infection.

As the pregnancy proceeds, your stomach will certainly expand and also stretch the skin. It’s not uncommon for the piercing website to show up darker in color during this time, as the cure scar tissue of your piercing becomes much more exposed. However, if the push on her jewelry as a result of the stretching becomes uncomfortable, or if you notification that her belly switch piercing is coming to be red or irritated, your jewelry is more than likely too small.

At that suggest you have a pair options. If you aren’t cursed or enclosed to your piercing, you might take it the end completely. However, if you desire to store your belly switch piercing during pregnancy, over there are great pregnancy ship rings available. In one of two people case, if you try to remove your belly switch ring and an alert that it is stuck or will certainly not move, seek assist from your doctor or a skilled piercer.


Belly switch Rings for Pregnancy

Pregnancy ship rings room made of soft, flexible materials like bioplast or non-toxic PTFE rather of metal, which permit for much more movement and also accommodation the the natural development of her belly button piercing throughout pregnancy. Most of this pregnancy belly rings allow you to cut the size of the material to the dimension that fits you, or you can keep castle long, leaving many of room for your belly switch piercing come expand around it.


Pregnancy Belly button Piercing Care

If you pick to store your piercing throughout pregnancy, there are a couple of basic maintenance and also care measures you can take to make sure it remains as healthy as possible.

Wash her hands before cleaning, removing, or transforming your jewelry.Keep her belly switch piercing clean and also dry.Clean her jewelry weekly with warmth water and also a fragrance-free antibacterial soap.

If in ~ any allude you notice that her belly switch piercing is becoming very red or swollen, that discharges a yellow pus, the skin around your piercing is starting to tear or bleed, or you construct a heat in addition to any of the over symptoms, call your physician immediately, as your piercing might have come to be infected.

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By adhering to these steps, together with any advice you obtain from your doctor or piercer, your belly switch piercing must be viable throughout your pregnancy and beyond.