They’ve both took pleasure in roles in the movie industry, yet are Omar Epps and Mike Epps connected in any way?

Omar Epps and Mike Epps are cousins. While castle haven’t ever been snapped together or appeared in the same production, they room indeed an initial cousins. 

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Read on to learn more about these two actors and their relationship.

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Similar Starts

Omar Epps and Mike Epps had actually very comparable starts in life. Lock both very close in age, the previous being born in 1973, and also the latter in 1970. They no born all that much apart, either. Omar was born in new York, when Mike began life in Indiana.

The similarities continue with your careers. Omar Epps’ career started about 1988, as soon as he was cast in a quick film. Quickly after, he started acting in earnest, certification in a movie together the so late Tupac Shakur.

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Mike Epps, top top the various other hand, started his career just one year later, in 1989. If his earliest advancements into entertainment weren’t in movies, he i will not ~ be much behind Omar. Instead, Mike gravitated in the direction of comedy and stand-up in his at an early stage years.

By 1997 however, Mike Epps would also be starring in movies, functioning with sector names such together Vin Diesel. When Omar was always the more successful dramatic actor, Mike found his fame through comedy.

An short article from 2010 discusses this compare relationship. In it, the writer states: “Mike and also Omar might be cousins, but they’re not the same dude – Mike is distinctly, undeniably funnier, the kind of male who has actually the many of what Hollywood has thrown his way.”

This write-up does a good job at experimenting Mike Epps’ success through acting. It details his appearances in the wildly successful Resident Evil and Hangover franchises. It additionally explains how, although some appearances might be short, he often succeeds in steal the show.

In one more article, this one from way back in 2003, Mike Epps describes how he acquired started. He declared that he was watching Def Comedy Jam top top television, and also believed he could do the exact same job. In a quote, he said: “Them dudes ain’t funnier 보다 me running roughly the neighborhood.”

Following his success, he says he, “… left Indiana, and also I ain’t been earlier since. I’ve been doing comedy and also paying mine bills.” You deserve to see a YouTube video below that Mike Epps performing stand-up comedy.

On The other Hand

While Omar Epps is certainly no stranger come the big screen, he cut his this in drama. Traditionally, Omar could be uncovered playing grittier, troubled characters, or sports personalities. His earliest functions saw him playing footballer players and also baseball stars.

He experimented in both lead and also support roles, and also saw substantial success top top both film and television. Omar Epps is also an ext widely acclaimed 보다 Mike Epps, boasting several nominations because that awards.

Another means in i beg your pardon Mike and Omar different is in their off-screen ventures. Mike has dabbled with music – and also music videos – end the years. Contrastingly, Omar there is no endeavoured come pursue many paths far from acting.

Omar did write a publication in 2018, one autobiographical piece called From Fatherless to Fatherhood. The has likewise worked for nonprofit organizations, focusing on anti-corruption laws in the united States.

Despite both being prominent actors, the 2 Epps hasn’t ever appeared in a production together. In fact, over there is virtually no source material online reflecting the two with each other in public. Over there may have actually been lot of of opportunities, though – by 2020, the 2 had appeared in a collective eighty-nine movies.

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Perhaps lock may attach someday, however there are stark differences between the two men. This is remarkable on their corresponding social media platforms. Together an example, you have the right to examine the difference between Mike and Omar’s Instagram feeds.