The real an interpretation of the word "dork" is "a whale"s penis," the an initial Beatle come visit America was George Harrison, and also more

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The real meaning of the word "dork" is "a whale"s penis."

Newly unclassified CIA files reveal the the remote possibility of alien intrusion once elicited greater fear than a Soviet nuclear attack.

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In Aicuña, a little town in Argentina, albinism is practically 200 times an ext likely to happen than almost everywhere else in the world. Isolation and inbreeding – yet not incest, the townspeople insist, despite persistent rumors – are the likely causes.

The an initial Beatle to visit America was George Harrison in September 1963. At the time, the Beatles were fairly unknown, and George was visiting his sister, Louise, in Benton, Ill. Throughout his stay, he played v a band dubbed the 4 Vests in nearby Eldorade. The crowd didn"t recognize who the was, but he soon blew castle away.

Hydrochloric acid is provided to failure bones from cattle industry right into gelatin that is provided as movie emulsion, capsules for medicine, golf balls, and food (ice cream, Jell-O).

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