There"s a lot of joy and peace onAshley Monroe"slush and also dazzlingnew albumRosegold,but the sense of yearning, wrapped increase in Monroe"s silky,honeyed vocals, is as current as ever.

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Monroe,who in enhancement to she solo career is a member of thePistol Annies together Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley, saysshe"s constantly been attracted to songs the exuded longing,going back to Elvis Presley"s11th No. 1 song,"Don"t."

"When i was younger, I would certainly play that tune over and over and get cold storage every time," Monroe tells Wide open up Country. "I was always in love with Elvis but this specific song always stood the end to me due to the fact that he sang the in a to whisper yet it to be so powerful. I"ve to be a sucker for songs that have a little of desperation in them, desperation come love and be loved. Ns channeled the emotion because that the songs onRosegold."

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And that"s no the only nod to The King top top Rosegold.Presley"s "Love Me Tender" gets a shoutout onthe string-laden "Gold."

Monroe"s debut album Satisfied to be released in 2009. Her second album, Like A Rose, featured co-writes v Guy Clark,Jon Randall and also Vince Gilland a duet through Blake Shelton.

Rosegold is the follow-up come Monroe"s 2018 album Sparrow. Her band, the Pistol Annies, released Interstate Gospel the very same year.

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Rosegold is available for acquisition here.

"Rosegold" monitor List:

SirenSilkGoldSeeDriveFlyingGroove"Til the BreaksI median ItThe new Me

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Rooted in Country: Ashley Monroe Channeled the emotion of Elvis Presley"s "Don"t" on new Album "Rosegold"