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Shane Harper and also Bridgit Mendler dated from 20th May, 2011 come May, 2015.

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Shane Harper and Bridgit Mendler were in an excellent Luck Charlie(2010) together.


Shane Harper is a 28 year old American Actor. Born Shane Steven Harper ~ above 14th February, 1993 in La Jolla, California, USA, the is famous for good Luck Charlie in a career the spans 2006–present. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Bridgit Mendler is a 28 year old American Actress. Born Bridgit Claire Mendler ~ above 18th December, 1992 in Washington, D.C., joined States, she is famous for Teddy on great Luck Charile in a career that spans music career. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.


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Relationship StatisticsStatusDurationLengthDatingTotal
20th may 2011 - might 20153 years, 11 months
20th might 2011 - may 20153 years, 11 months

They began dating on might 20, 2011.On march 27, 2012, Shane Harper stated in an interview come Akash Sharma of officially The Hottest for the first time that he was dating Mendler. Harper said they came to be friends early in good Luck Charlie and also began date in 2011, yet they determined not to reveal so far.In an interview v Cambio in September 2012, Mendler declared that it took two years in between her meeting Harper and beginning to date him. She claimed "It wasn't among those... 'you fulfill on a collection and you wind up date instantly,' that took favor two years".In march 2013, Mendler said in one interview to buy it Bull of day-to-day Mail that the fact her boyfriend in real-life is likewise her friend on fight show an excellent Luck Charlie doesn't disturb the relationship: "I think it provides it easier, especially when it’s a human who you’ve functioned with for a lengthy time".In might 2015, the fans started to speculate that they have broken up. Bridgit Mendler confirmed those rumors in November 2015, as soon as she proclaimed she to be single.In November 2016, Bridgit Mendler released she EP "Nemesis" in which two tracks — "Atlantis" and "Do You miss out on Me in ~ All" — to be written around her break-up from Shane Harper.Shane Harper likewise wrote songs about Bridgit Mendler — "Like ns Did" and "See you Around" are supposedly about her. Both songs room from his EP "Like i Did" exit in may 2016.