If you watch CNN, you’ve most likely seen Brooke Baldwin. She has been ~ above the network because 2008, and since 2014 she has actually helmed the weekday news program CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin.

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despite she’s not at the very same level of celebrity together some various other members of her family, she deserve to veritably tho be dubbed a media icon. CNN is among the most well-known news networks among millennials and Gen Xers and is a significant player in the news industry.

It, therefore, follows that human being are interested in the resides of the CNN news anchors. Large names choose Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo draw a many attention and are practically household names, however other anchors are definitely public figures. Brooke Baldwin is among these anchors, and viewers of her program have actually been interested in she life outside the newsroom due to the fact that her program very first aired. So that is Brooke Baldwin once she isn’t on TV?


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Brooke Baldwin’s career

Brooke Baldwin began studying journalism in the late 1990s and also was conveniently able to rotate her studies into a career on the Charlottesville, VA regional news channel. She soon moved to West Virginia to work-related as a morning news anchor, climate transitioned come the 10 pm slot at the WTTG network in Washington, DC.

Brooke Baldwin joined CNN in 2008. She started her career with CNN in Atlanta, Georgia, and was involved in report on plenty of high profile events and also the production of significant documentaries for the network. In 2011, Baldwin was part of the anchor team the reported ~ above the last ever launch that the an are Shuttle Atlantis. The complying with year, she produced the documentary To capture a Serial Killer, an investigative piece around the initiatives to get a confession native Midwestern serial killer Larry Dewayne Hall. Baldwin spoke through Jimmy Keene, an ex-convict who gained an early release from jail in exchange for helping obtain evidence against Hall.

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Kennedy_School for inviting me to speak come your course today. Can’t wait come come back. #women #journalism eakingnews pic.twitter.com/KogWolf2HB

— Brooke Baldwin (

This documentary earn Baldwin one award, and also two years later, she moved to new York City and continued she reporting career there. In brand-new York, Baldwin extended the protests that occurred following NYPD police officers killing Eric Garner, and she later covered the 2017 inauguration of president Donald Trump. She’s quiet a significant news anchor today, and also still working through CNN.

Brooke Baldwin’s Family

We did it!!! give thanks to you because that the ❤️ and also well-wishes. Watch you in two weeks. #honeymoon pic.twitter.com/EIf9JWxds1

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Brooke Baldwin acquired married fairly recently. In 2017, she go public v the news that she was engaged to a male named James Fletcher. Fletcher is a documentary producer from the UK, through credits consisting of The inadvertently President and Children the the snow Land. The two were married in 2018, in a tiny outdoor ceremony the featured the couple’s pets pug together ring bearer.

The pair has remained together since, and also their pet pug, Pugsley, freshly hit 17 year old. Baldwin is additionally working top top a book that’s set to be exit in 2021. It’s nice clear the this partnership is hard and good for both parties.

Brooke Baldwin off-camera

CNNTonight: thank you for asking me to which tonight. Therefore NICE come be back on before the tech gremlins descended. Watch the rest of girlfriend on #CNN soon! pic.twitter.com/D7xyJkJ1FH

— Brooke Baldwin (

Apart from she marriage, her pug, and also her book, there space other facets of Brooke Baldwin’s life external of CNN to discuss. She’s been a public speaker at plenty of high-profile events, including L’Oreal’s females of the civilization celebration and also her alma mater university of north Carolina Chapel Hill’s commencement.

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More recently, she had a close suffer with coronavirus (COVID-19). Though CNN take it precautions to prevent the spread, Baldwin announced that she had contracted the disease shortly after other anchor kris Cuomo announced that he had actually tested positive. Fortunately, Baldwin recovered within the month and was maybe to return to her work as a news anchor watched by millions.