There’s that minute when you’re trying ~ above jeans and you concerned realize: These perform not fit. Possibly it’s ideal at the beginning, when your foot can barely fit with the ankle opened of thin jeans. Or maybe it’s looking down and realizing there’s a swimming pool of towel still top top the floor because the size is every wrong.

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One of the ideal ways to protect against these crashes and find jeans that fit you simply right is to recognize what an inseam is and how to measure it. Every fit and also style that denim has a various inseam, and you should likewise take into account your personal measurements (e.g. Height). 

Here’s what you have to know around jean inseams, including exactly how to measure up an inseam and also variations throughout styles.


An inseam refers to the distance between the crotch and also the finish of the leg opening. The simplest means to measure her inseam is to take a measuring tape and also calculate the length in between just listed below your crotch and the bottom of her ankle. If you room measuring a pair of jeans, lie them level on a table and measure along the seam native the crotch the hem.

How To measure Denim Inseams Once you’ve measured your inseam, you can look because that a pair of blue jeans that exchange mail to the desired fit and style. Because that example, if you want a pair the straight-leg jeans and are really tall, look because that jeans v a 36-inch inseam. For a much more petite frame, opt because that 28- or 30-inch inseam jeans. 

The much shorter the inseam, the much shorter the length of the jean. So, if you’re in search of a cropped jean that hits over the ankle, find for 21- to 30-inch inseam jeans depending on your height. Meanwhile, because that a directly leg pair the strikes above the ankle, a lengthy inseam jean is your best bet. Because that these, look for a jean inseam the at the very least 27”, and as long as 34” (again, height-dependent). 

It’s easiest to recognize jean inseams as soon as you look at at how a various inseam length creates a unique denim style.

Alexa Mid-Rise slim Jeans 

In a skinny jean, the inseam length will rely on if you choose your pair to bunch in ~ the ankle or not. The much longer the inseam of the jean, the more the material will bunch at the end. Ours Alexa Skinny blue jeans in Dark acting SuperSoft is a versatile choice for anyone looking for a thin jean with choices for both a long and petite inseam. The size on these jeans arrays from 28” come 36”, which makes them a perfect right for practically any body type.

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Ada friend Jeans 

Boyfriend blue jeans should have actually a much shorter inseam due to the fact that they’re supposed to fight just over the ankle. That’s why layouts like Ada just come in lengths that 27” - 29”. Despite they’ll it is in roomier through the hip and also thigh, the inseam will not be the of a long inseam jean because these room meant to it is in worn prefer a chop denim. 

Kendra High-Rise directly Leg Jeans 

For a much longer pair that jeans, a straight-leg pair should hit best at the ankle. This format is extremely versatile, and so having a wide choice of inseams to pick from is essential. Ours Kendra Straight-Leg in Indigo Supersoft is a good example of a long inseam jean, with access up come 36”. You can just together easily uncover a pair the straight-leg v petite and 30-inch inseams.

Don’t let another pair of jeans fool you: Know before you even try them ~ above if that pair will fit girlfriend correctly. Currently that girlfriend know exactly how to measure up an inseam and how they affect the styling of your jeans, you’re prepared to go out and get your perfect pair!