Raw products : These products are uncovered naturally - lock come indigenous the earth. Some natural materials come from underground:

Coal rock Oil Sand rock Clay metals Slate

Some natural materials come from life things:

Wool Rubber Leather cotton Soft Wood tough Wood Silk

Man-Made (Synthetic) materials : artificial materials have been do by people. The raw products must be changed before we deserve to use them to make brand-new materials.

Plastic Fleece Cardboard Fibreglass Polyester Glass Brick Nylon

Changed - herbal Materials which have actually been changed:

Trees readjusted into Paper

Oil changed into Paint

Sand readjusted into Glass

Clay readjusted into Brick and also Crockery

Recycled - materials that have actually been Recycled:

Old file into toilet Paper

Old Plastic Bottles right into Fleece

Combined Materials:

Gravel + Sand + Water + Cement = Concrete (for building)

Properties or characteristics of materials way what things space like:

Hard or Soft?

Stiff or Flexible?

Rough or Smooth?

Transparent or no Transparent?

Strong or Weak?

Metals :

Metals are found underground.

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Gold, Silver and also platinum space pure lumps.

Iron, Tin, Lead, Aluminium and also Copper are found mixed in through rocks (ores).

Steel, Brass and Bronze are combined with otehr steels to make new metals.

Properties of Metals:

Metals are strong and tough.

Some metals are an excellent conductors that electricity.

Metals are simple to shape.

Metals deserve to be reused and also recycled.

Metals are an excellent conductors that heat.

Metals room shiny.

Some steels are magnetic.

Metals make a noise as soon as hit.


Wood originates from trees and also is a herbal Material

Hardwoods come indigenous deciduous trees (trees that loses that leaves) and also Softwoods come from evergreen trees (trees that don"t shed its leaves.

Properties of Wood:

Floats (boats and rafts)

Acts together an insulator

Strong yet flexible (bendy)

Easily Shaped

Changing wood can make it much more useful:

We burn timber to develop heat.

Wood is made into charcoal because that fires

Wood is made right into chipboard

Mashed wood provides paper:

Paper have the right to be recycled and it have the right to rot.

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Paper is do from wood.

Certain types of document have different properties and are good for doing various jobs.